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■ MH SrfrSWS 


>;>" •«!/ 



J- J. ow can we make the dil 

J- J- ow can we make the difference? For those of us who seek an education, 
we have the manpower and the facilities at our disposal to grant this 
wish. Although we are in the midst of a recession, financial aid is 
available. At present, we abound with natural resources. Many of our 
youth possess the desire and the potential to voyage forward. However, 
we have poverty, and we have the homeless. We have diseases which are 
untreatable. We have violence in the streets, and there is a breakdown of 
moral values. In addition, we have indifference. 



_ he future holds many challenges. For some, it could be working in 
the medical field striving to find a cure for AIDS and Cancer. Others may 
seek political office. Among our classmates, we may have the first 
woman to sit in the Oval Office. For many of us, the challenge could be 
making the difference in everyday living. Every role in society is crucial. 
Each of us will have his own impact on the lives of others. 



i n £L3BHBmiaMBmfl 

B "** r 



•. ost of the decisions made now will have an impact on the future. It may 
seem superficial at the time, but one certain decision could affect many. There 
are many items in the world today that need to be changed. Let us not make 
mistakes twice; we should learn from past generations. The society of the next 
generation should be much improved from the society we inherited from the last. 

In the world in which we live today, there are too many stereotypes and prejudices. There 
must be an honest effort made by our generation to change those stereotypes and 
prejudices. If we work together, a difference can be made. This cannot happen if the 
responsibility keeps being passed on from person to person. People must concentrate on 
changing their own views. It starts with each individual and can make an impact on our 
entire generation. However, this is not the only change that must occur to change our world 
for the better. 




: Hi 


The environment is another key issue of our future. Our generation has 
inherited an environment with multiple problems. Our world is filled 
with pollution whether in the air, the water, or on the land. There is much 
to be done. This problem is more difficult to change because it is not only 
difficult to change people's attitudes, but there is also much damage 
done from years past. The only way this change can be made is with a 
concentrated effort from all those concerned. With the seriousness of 
this issue, it should concern everyone. 


t • 




The only way the earth can be saved is if the laws that already exist are 
enforced and new, stricter laws are created. Although there have been 
laws in the books for many years, they have not been strictly enforced. 
The laws are broken every day, and nothing is done to change this. 
Everyone from our generation must take a stand on this issue and force a 
change. There is only one earth. If our generation works to halt the 
depletion of the ozone layer and the destruction of the rainforests, we 
can make a difference. 











;> > 


Friend, Teacher, Coach, Administrator 

Mr. Richard F. Power 

"... It matters not how strait the gate, 

How charged with punishments the scroll, 
I am the master of my fate: 
I am the captain of my soul." 
"Invictus" — Henley 

May your retirement years be plentiful, be reward- 
ing, and be healthy. 


Most Studious 

Angela Lin and Tom Goldman 

Best Dressed 

Alex Barbosa and Jennifer Chin 

Most Popular 

Nick Apazidis and Danielle Wuschke 



Most Musical 

Scott King and Judy Barra 

Most Changed Appearance 

Heather Lind and Bill Burke 

Most Athletic 

Tom Spiro and Susan Fruzzetti 


Mr. James 

Headmaster, Randolph Junior/Senior High School 








(617) 961 6204 

Fax (617)986-1812 

To the Class of 1993 



HoOMaiMUr For b«»uw-»» & OprrvlMMV 


HasKMHbr Kowwibr 

Grade* 7-9 Gradca 10-12 



(617) 961-6220 

June 1993 

The time you have looked forward to for so long is now here. 
It is a time filled with great expectations and maybe a little 

For the past four years, you have listened to teachers, you 
have accepted direction, you have performed according to 
instructions. You now have to act independently and 
purposefully. You are on your own. 

Whether you go on to college or you opt to enter the working 
world, you will be in an environment which will not be quite so 
nurturing as the environment of the past four years. 

It is my hope that the years you have spent at Randolph 
Junior/Senior High School will stand by you well. We have tried 
to foster in you independent thinking, decisionmaking, teamwork 
pride, and success in your accomplishments. These 
characteristics and skills should help you to make responsible 
decisions for the future. 

Keep in mind that success will not be instantaneous. You 
must apply yourself diligently to the work or the study which you 
choose. Do not become discouraged. Have pride in yourself, your 
work, and your accomplishment. 

Everyone of us here at Randolph Junior/Senior High School 
wishes you well in your endeavors. Come back to share your 
successes with us. 


James E. Watson 


v v-\ -sev- 1 - 


w r 

Mr. Gerard J. Linehan 
Housemaster 10-12 

Mr. Richard F. Power 
Housemaster Business and Operation 

Mr. Paul Hannigan 
Housemaster 7-9 

Mr. Robert A. Johnson 

Friends and Leaders 


Office of the Superintendent 

Leadership with Compassion 

Dr. Lyn Huttunen, 
Superintendent of Schools 

Mr. Arthur J. Melia, 
Assistant to the Superintendent 

Randolph School Committee 

Robert Gass, Chairman 

David Harris, Jr., Vice-Chairman Cindi Barkley 



Brenda Berger 

Brian Howard 


. '•■J/' 1 * v ™ i > 1 

1 ■•/.* ; .-r.i 





; v •;- 

vC. 2: 

•'jT- > 

'.is * - \ i 





* ,. N, 


Phil Carlino 

Physical Education 

Kathleen Chase 

Physical Education Chairperson 

Chris Christopher 

Mathematics — School Store Faculty Manager 
— Sophomore Class Advisor 

John Chuckran 
Career Development 

Janet Clancy 
Career Development 

Robert Clark 

Health Education 

Junior Class Advisor 

Richard Cohn 
Special Education 

Francis Colosi, Jr. 
Team Chairperson 



Paul Connors 
Director of Foreign Language, ESL/TBE 

David Cronin 

Social Studies 

Community Services Advisor 

Annette DiMascio 

Math Club Advisor 

John Donovan 


Thomas Edwards 


Newspaper Advisor 

Laurence Fallon 

Michael Farrar 


Freshman Class Advisor 

Alida Finney 
Special Aide 

Judith Foley 
Foreign Language 

Pat Fredricksen 

Student Advisor 

Alfred Galante 

Director of Mathematics, Science, and 


John Giuggio 

English — English Chairman 

Senior Class Advisor 

Susan Giuliano 
Career Information Aide 

Jennifer Golden 
Project Rise 

Michael Good 

William Gould 
Athletic Director 





Kathleen Grant 
Home Economics 

Edward Grilli 
Special Services 

Ellen Hahn 

Edward Hands 

Social Studies 

Academic Bowl Advisor 

Lynne Harding 
Social Studies 

Mary Harkins 

Katherine Harrison 

Arthur Hawkins 
Special Services 

David Hill 
A/V Technician 

Nancy Mollis 
Special Services 

Barbara Hughes 

John Hurley 

— — — 


Phillip Kachinsky 
Social Studies 

Thomas Keefe 
Resource Room 

Paul Kelly 
Social Studies 

Albert King 

Paul King 

Paula Klusas-King 

Foreign Language 

Floor Master 

Carolyn Krivelow 
Sped Aide 

Helen Lam 

Susan Malmad 
Speech Therapist 

Edward Mashrick 


Senior Class Advisor 

Dennis McKee 


Community Service Advisor 

Kathleen McNamara 
B.S.D. Director 

Donna Merlino 

Sheila Mirow 
Social Studies 

Miriam Modricamin 
Foreign Language 

Arthur Mullaney 
Guidance Director 

Richard Murphy 


Joel Neiditz 
Social Works 

Donald Nelson 

Paul Noiseux 

Graphic Arts 

Kevin O'Brien 

Dr. William O'Brien 
Science Chairperson 

Robert Olsen 

John Papa 


Yearbook Advisor 

Robert Peterson 
Special Services 

Robert Pillarella 

Lisa Pimental 
Music — Marching Band Drill Instructor - 
Jazz Band Director 

Ronald Pirrera 

Garrett Powell 


Student Council Advisor 

Brendan Riordan 
Resource Counselor 

Linda Rosenfield 
Special Services 

Diane Samia 
Career Development 

Donald Sarney 

Frank Shedlock 
Physical Education 

Betty Jane Silvia 

Ann Skelly 
Foreign Language 

Bernadette Spano 

Robert Stone 
Mgmt. Information Systems Analysis 

Richard Sullivan 
Social Studies 

Anita Sung 

Richard Sweeny 
Health Coordinator 

Lynne-Marie Sylvia 

Show Choir Director 

Edward Todd 

Lorraine Tower 

Foreign Language 

Tutorial Program Advisor 

■ j- 




Joanne Chirichicllo 
Special Services 

Jayne Daly 
7, 8, 9 Office 

Tami Hey wood 
Guidance Secretary 

Claire Hutchinson 
Career Development Secretary 


Carolyn Kane 
Special Services / Main Office 

Evan Korey 

Dee Lennon 
7, 8, 9 Office 

Roslyn Mushlin 

Marguerite Nelson 

Rindi Puglia 
Data Control Specialist 

Kathleen Rakoski 
Headmaster's Office 

Alta Salmeri 
Food Service Secretary 

Barbara Scott 
Special Services Secretary 

Gloria Sullivan 
Receptionist Headmaster's Office 

Betty McDonell 

ack Row: Marion Thome — Shirley Siciliano — Mary Blakely — Susan Horton — Kathleen Sullivan. Front Row: 
large Conroy — Loretta Sullivan — Nancy Rosa — Rose Stoltz — Lillian Gillis — Betty McDonnell. 

I Love My Job — Mary Blakely 

Dirk — Sabrina — Kerry — Brad — Andy 

Best View of Rose Stoltz 

Nancy Rosa 


Gina Belmonte 

Rebecca Bogan 

Richelle Quashie 


V- / 




V\; ..'• / ••■ 

. v V 

-. » » , 
















Senior Class Officers 

Top, Karen Planeta, Secretary; Thomas Goldman, Vice President; Kristen Topham, Treasurer. 
Bottom: Nick Apazidis, President. 



Senior Honors 

Thomas Goldman, Valedictorian 

Emily Kachinsky, Salutatorian 




Rachel Acacia 

58 Raechel Road 

Birthdate: March 2, 1975 

Favorite Song: If I Ever Fail In Love Again 

Teen Forum 10, 11, 12, Students for Racial 

Harmony 11, Afro American Club 11. To 
Delisha: you really can cook. To Lilian: Well 

always be friends but try to stay out of 

trouble. To Melissa: I'm not picking on you or 

anything. Karen: We will always have biology 

and chemistry. To Myriam and Sabrina: Stop 

smoking it is bad for you. To Denise: Stop 

spending all your money on clothes and we 

will always be friends. 

William Aqullio 

12 Hammond Street 

Birthdate: March 2, 1975 

Favorite Song: Alive by Pearl Jam 

Honor Roll 12, Football 9, Track 9, 12, Student 

of the Month 9, 10, 11, Baseball 12. Dave, can 

I have a piece of gum? To Keith: Larry Legend 

Lives! Chang, the Cubs might win the World 

Series in the next 100 years. To all my 

classmates: Good Luck in the future. Dave, get 

the sports page before Mike or Rob. Rich, 

don't worry da Bears will be back in da 

playoffs real soon. Nick, I am still waiting for 

those Patriot tickets. 

Danielle Ayers 

Judith Teresa Barra 

12 Broad Street 

Birthdate: June 12, 1975 

Basketball 10, Softball 9, 10, 

Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12, 

Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12. To 

Sharon: Beware of the Grimreaper 

and don't forget we are coming 

back next year to chaperone. To 

Gab bring Luewee to dinner with 

his Thanksgiving outfit on and 

matching sockst I want another 

picture (never forget Edward) To 

Bob who is the sixth Saturday 

night live Crew. 


Nikolaos Apazidls 

12 Rose Way 

Birthdate: December 12, 1975 

Favorite Song: Garden by Pearl Jam 

Honor RoU 9, 10, 11, 12, Class President 9, 1 1 

11, 12, Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12, Footba>| In 

9, 10, 11, 12, Capt., Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12, 


Ambition: To be one of the world's most 

influential powers. 


Tayren Araujo 
16 Pearl Street 
Birthdate: November 20, 1975 
Favorite Song: Diamonds and Pearl 
SADD 10, 11, Cheerleading 11, 
Amnesty International 11, Peer 
Leaders 12, Tutor 12. Amanda, life i 
nothing without good long jeans. 
Stephanie Snyder: don't forget all 
our talks and Ebony and Ivory. Keitl 
don't forget Minihans. Jennifer 
Lewis: How did you always get the 
higher grade? Jodi P, Alan K, and I 
Marie S, you really like me don't 
you? Kandida, do you need me to gi 
to Shaws? Crystal, one day I will 
make it to Physics on time. 

Alexander Barbosa 

48 L'heureux Circle 

Birthdate: January 1, 1975 

Favorite Song: Anything from 


Football 9, 10, Track 9, 10, SADE 

12. Hey Hassan, let's jet out for 

lunch Bagged Again. Alex, yoi 

do it no I am not doing it Hassan 

you do it no Duane you do it OK! 

Alex B Hassan C Duane P Bobby 1 

Give much dap to everyone but 

there is too much to list. Bahama 

Beach Club the place to be when 

me and my boys are there. Thankt 

Mom and Dad for getting me 

whatever I wanted. 

Gina Rose Belmonte 

6 Perley Evans Drive 

Birthdate: October 4, 1975 

Favorite Song: In Your Eyes by 

Peter Gabriel 

Cheerleading, Football 10, 11, 12 

Basketball 10, 12 Co-Capt., 

Hockey 12 Capt., Gymnastics 9, 

Yearbook Staff 12, Powder Puff 

(#62) 12. mek mek whoo pth goy 

goy baberk baberk. Cheering 

Camp. Summer of 1992 I am 

coming in at 12 and going right 

back out again. Daytona Warpigs 

1991 The Love Tarp! Camelstash 

Sprinkles! To my honeybunchkes 

through the good times and bad, 

Love You! 



David Berardi 
47 Bittersweet Lane 
Birthdate: May 23, 1975 
Favorite Song: Alive by Pearl Jam 
Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 
onor Roll 10, Student of the Month 10. Elite 
in will live forever. Gunman lives. Mike Paul 
ib Matt Keith and Brian are the greatest. To 
e Class of 93 you all are the best. Mr. Tuite, 
thanks for the sports page. 

Amy Catherine Benyman 

365 Chestnut West 

Birthdate: January 25, 1975 

Favorite Song: Story of My Life 

how Choir 10, 11, 12, Amnesty International 

>, 10, Pres. 11, 12, Harvard Model Congress 

11, 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, 

t Community Service 10, 11. Rock Lobster, 
lickfords, Castle I, Holy Gazebo, Crazy bus 
days — never die. Hi Joey! For my friends 
(■imagine yourself magic and never grow up! 
l|tobert, I am a radio (limp on boy) There are 
places I remember all my life . . . 

Llanne Bleiwas 
5 East Alden Street 
Birthdate: April 22, 1975 
Favorite Song: Wonderful Tonight 
ioccer 9, 11, Gymnastics 9, 10, Cheerleading 
10, Track 11, National Honor Society 11, 12, 
lonor Roll 9, 10, 11, SADD 9. Angela: Boys in 
Blue ARRESTED Berno-Argie and the Pearl. 
:'o the Gang: Jay Street started it all. Angela 
If Squaa Squaa JP2 (how immature) Police 

tation with a certain cop and on a scavenger 
ij hunt. Christine: any banana berry punch? 

Amy Melissa Bernstein 

80 Bittersweet Lane 

Birthdate: January 28, 1975 

Favorite Song: We Can Last Forever 

Honor Roll 11, 12, Homeroom Rep. 9, 10, 11, 

12, SADD 9, 10, 11, 12, Color Guard 9, 10, 11, 

Powder Puff 12. Steph Mr. Purple the 
imposter. UMASS, Boca Raton tutu's Santa's 
Nightmare 91 David B clock's run on time not 

me. Jodi G Reebok with Ronnie and Kevin 
doing donuts. the back of hostess, cold nights 

Marni the boys and the busdriver a good 
school committee. The doctors appointment, 

Shaws parking lot. Corey and Sue me and 

Steph DO know everyone Jodi P and Melissa, I 

will miss our daily talks keep in touch. Jodi 

and Marni, do you remember the night before 

finals freshman year? 

Susan Deborah Blaine 

12 Tangen Street 

Birthdate: May 30, 1975 

Favorite Song: Wind Beneath My Wings 

To Jill Griffin thanks for all the scenic routes 

over the curbs. To Keri D never forget 

Saturday nights at Bickfords 12:00 "Lady in 

Red" To Jen W Steph F Jill I Kerri R "GIBBS" 

was the best! To Jodi P and Marie S. "Maine 

92" To Mike B "I Love U2" the group that is. 

The Shaws crew . . . crying lady the penny lady 

double brown. To nana, we will get through 

this. I will always love you. 

Rebecca Debra Bogan 

43 Cochato Park 

Birthdate: May 23, 1975 

Favorite Song: Gypsy 

National Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Pres., 

Harvard Model Congress 11, 12, Amnesty 

International 10, 11, 12, Drama Club 11, 12, 

Manager Band and Chorus 9, 10, 11. Castle 

Island Swings and the fishing pier, Bickfords 

because it has atmosphere. Period 2 US 

History will always be the best. Thanks to 

Lynne the democrats and all the rest. To my 

friends and our times; you know what I mean. 

To sixteen glasses of Oval tine. 

Mark Bolster 
30 Jane Street 
Birthdate: October 30, 1975 
Favorite Song: Alive by Pearl Jam 
Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Wrestling 9, 12, 
Baseball 9, 11, 12, Superfriend 12, Powder 
I Puff Coach 12. To my friends I will always 
. remember parties at Jill's house with Poko 
I swimming . . . To Al Dan Nick and Bob, I will 
1 always remember Seally mattress a night of 
fun for everyone. To everyone at Josh's 111 
I remember kegs and pushups. Hey Oats! To 
varpigs I leave ducks and shopping carts with 
'oke Al, Cherry and Mike. To all my friends at 
I Water Country who loved my disappearing 
shorts trick thanks again for your support. To 
all the superfriends, I leave lunches with 

Melissa Faith Brown 

34 Karen Drive 

Birthdate: November 4, 1975 

Favorite Song: It Is In The Way That You Use 


Show Choir 10, 11, 12, Student of the Month 

10, Outstanding Music Award 10, Senior 

District 10, Senior Semsba 9, 10, 11. Two 

mules for sister Sara. Proton Nuetron Crouton. 

When I returned Mary Jo and the car were 

gone. Countdown: one minute to find David. 

Castle Isle, Bickfords and force concerts. 

Ethel Murman Julia Child Ronnie Reagan the 

crazy bus. 


Tiffany Burke 


William Burke 

1 Kempton Avenue 

Blrthdate: November 5, 1975 

Favorite Song: Jesus Built My Hot Rod 

Cross Country 11, Winter Track 11, Honor Rol 

9, 10, 11, 12, Roadkill Removal Team 10, 11. 

Your shirt is open . . . can see skin. All that 

lives is born to die. Elite clan — You talk the 

talk but do you walk the walk? We played 

after Metallica. 

Tvesha Butler 

123 High Street 

Blrthdate: May 3, 1974 

Favorite Song: End of the Road 

International Club 11, 12, Afro American Club 

12, Student Alliance Against Racism 12, Teen 

Forum 12. To my mother who I will always 

love and cherish, "the giriz" I will remember 

you all and have a successful life and career. A 

person that has been there for me through 

good times and bad my cousin Andrea I will 

always love you. 

Sabrina Calttot 

43 Highland Avenue 

Blrthdate: November 30, 1973 

Favorite Song: One More Try 

Teen Forum 11, 12. Thanks, Mr. Donovan, for < 

putting up with me. To Nadine Don't forget 

our talks in gym. Karen, you have been a nice 

friend don't ever change. Myriam you will 
always be my favorite cousin. Lilian thanks for 

being there for me. To Pascal thank you so 

much for helping through the years. I love you 

so much. 

Sabrina Cassetana 

60 Bridle Path Circle 

Blrthdate: February 26, 1975 

Favorite Song: Quality Time 

Ambition: to be a singer 

What is up Quiarna? How is work Carlos? How 

are you doing Cheryl? How does it feel to be a 

senior Maurice? Are you going to your senior 

prom Stanley? Do you like Randolph High 

Tara? Peace out Rud. 

Denisse Castillo 

15 Dyer Avenue 

Blrthdate: February 1, 1974 

Favorite Song: If I Ever Fall In Love Again 

Teen Forum 12. Nicole D stay sweet baby. 

Karla R. thanks for being there when I needed 

your advice. Rachel A. friends forever. Steve 

Sam Dominic Mike B stay out of trouble. 

Manuela and Liz stay sexy. To all my buddies 

thanks for cheering me up when I am down. 

I'm Audi! Forever my baby Fritz. 

Darcey Caul field 

4 Jennie Dee Terrace 

Blrthdate: November 20, 1974 

Favorite Song: Estranged 

To Steve just think of what one little bullet 

can do. To Remie I think Scott needs a slap. 

To Kelly which side and watch out for those 

puddles. To Andrea Yahoo remember 

Derringers. To Steve don't get an attitude with 

me. To Dave that is the ugliest thing. To Bill 

the nutcracker tape. 

Grace Chan 

8 Canton Street 

Blrthdate: September 15, 1974 

Favorite Song: Every Day I Love You More 


International Club 9, 10, Pres. 11, Asian Club 

President 12, Math Team 9, 10, 11, 12, 

National Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Tutor 9, 10, j 

11, 12. To Billy and Andrea we are the perfect 

partners. To Irene can you tell Ms. Sung that I 

will be late. To Leo and Jen you two look so 

cute together. To Jenny Lai Ping, Edmond 

always remember Physics class. To Leo if you 

can't get up early don't party late. To Steven, I 

will always love you, why did you change your 

name, good luck in college. 


Wendy Chan 

Richard Chang 

23 Maitland Avenue 

Birthdate: March 3, 1974 

Favorite Song: Eye of the Tiger 

Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Capt., Basketball 9, 10, 

11, Baseball 9, 12, Track 11, Student of the 

Month 10. To Mike Snyder To Keith Levine it 

is all over Goldman is #1. Dave, 1 need some 

gum. To Aquil you can't win. To the class of 

1993 good luck in the future. I hate Calculus. 

Robert CharnUsky 
12 Ledge Hill Street 
Birthdate: December 31, 1975 
avortte Song: Of Wolf and Man by Metallica 
/inter Track 10, 11, 12, Spring Track 10, 11, 
2, Honor Roll 10, 11, 12, Road Kill Removal 
Team 10, 11, 12, Rodeo Team 10, 11, 12. 
ierm I think I lost 100 IQ points. Hey Leland, 
>w is your car? Brett, how does your dog feel 
from the inside? 

Daniel Cherenson 

12 McDonnel Drive 

Birthdate: July 19, 1975 

Favorite Song: 5 to 1 by The Doors 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12, ACL ALLSTAR, 

Wrestling 9, Student of the Month 9, 

Superfriend 12. Going to Assumption with 

Mike Josh and James. Josh's party. Me and 

Mike taging up. Working with Mike and Alan 

at the Tent. Hanging out with my brothers 

friends: Tom Ralph Jeff Mark and Kevin. To 

all my friends and the good times we all had. 

Dad, Mom and Mike thanks for everything. 

Jennifer Chin 
21 Fitch Terrace 
Favorite Song: "Honey Love" R. Kelly 
Ambition: To Be Successful $$$$$ 
Project Rise 12, Student Alliance Against 
seism and Violence 11, 12, Business Club 11, 
Tearbook Staff 12. Thanks to my family who 
ave always been there for me. Much respect 
to my girls Brittany Stella Sophia Jacqui 
Christine, Lina. Britt the chance then I'm on 
ith the next. Nasine, his cousin?? Why don't 
ou go back to the other side of the room and 

keep watching. Candida go on girl keep 

letting those names straight. Much love and 

respect to my sweetheart, peace. 

Paul Chirichlello 

57 Karen Drive 

Birthdate: March 25, 1975 

Favorite Song: You Could Be Mine 

Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 

Winter Track 10, Band 9, 10, 11, Student of 

the Month 10, 12. Elite Clan — friends 'til the 

end. Six Flags Great Adventure. Popems. I 

beat Rob Gale in a wrestling match. Dave 

Doug Rob the Connecticut Club. Berzerker. 

Matt Mike, Brian, Dave, Rob, Doug Keith, Jay 

and Jon . . . 

Christine Cincotti 

10 Reisner Road 

Birthdate: July 10, 1975 

Favorite Song: Touch of Gray 

Amnesty Internationa] 9, 10, 11, 12, Show 

Choir 12, Harvard Model Congress 11, 12, 

Powder Puff Football 12, National Honor 

society 11, 12. RHS a Great Place to LEAVE. 

Tom Regardless of QPA you're second to 
none. Kate I will always be waiting on Dime 
Street. The memories of the crazy bus the 
Gazebo Harvard Square Castle Island The 
Rock Lobster will live forever. Thanks to all 
my friends for never letting me down I love 
You all 

Joseph Cohen 

22 Hillsdale Road 

Birthdate: July 30, 1975 

Favorite Song: Come Bite The Apple 

Winter/Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Football 9, 

10, 11, 12, Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12, 
Academic Bowl 12, Capt., Homeroom Advisor 

12. Elite Clan vs. The Cult the battle 
continues. What would be the path of a horse 

on a merry-go-round on the moon? Isn't 

Lithuania far away? To want or to have that is 

the question? Is Uranus bigger than the earth? 

5:17 that's the news, and I'm outta here. 


Patricia E. Collins 

121 North Street 

Blrthdate: March 27, 1975 

Favorite Song: "I Will Be Here For You" 

Michael W. Smith 

Basketball 9, 10, Soccer 9, Randy Award 

Winner 11, Homeroom Advisor 12, Powder 

Puff 12. Heather it is a "small world after all" 

Hey Gina, can I have a trash pick-up? To all of 

us who work at Sudbury Farms "How Come" 

Heather how do you like the bench? My 

ambition is to be successful in everything that 

1 do. To Heather thanks for the card. 

Scott Coven 

29 McDonnel Drive 

Blrthdate: June 19, 1975 

Favorite Song: Too many to list 

Track 9, 10, 11, Honor Roll 9, 12, Student of 

the Month 10 

Telephone Pole. "I didn't mean to eat the 

tree" I should have played the game "Life" 

Rob, Bob Leland. The purple seeds Bob. If you 

build it they will come I hate you Sherm 

Maccini Kin Goldman and Burke. Let's go to 

Hampton Leland Bob Jeff and Me. 

Irene Dang 

133 High Street 

Blrthdate: June 18, 1975 

Favorite Song: Beauty and the Beast 

Honor Roll 9, International Club Treasurer 11, 

Children Hospital 9, 10, Community Service 

10, 11, 12, Student of the Month 9, 10, 11. 1 am 

majoring in Fashion design and Fashion 

Merchandising. I hope all of my friends have 

successful lives. Ill miss you all. Spending 

tough and happy time. Gossip in Papa Gino's. 

Elks hall filled with tears. Great memories of 

my love life with Dave. 

Crystal Dean 

5 Powers Farm Road 

Blrthdate: July 1, 1975 

Favorite Song: Saving Forever by Shanice 

Basketball 10, 11, Capt. 12, Soccer 9, 10, 

Community Service 11, Student of the Month 

9, 10, 11, Speedo #12. What can I say? Thanks 

for everything. Karla keep your head high and 

always want more! Where's Tony? The knee 

the finger! Long live Dan the pool man. My 

Physics lab partners or MIA (Jen and Tayren) 

Mi. O the Pig has gotta go. To everyone else 

thanks for the good times and good luck in the 



Mamt Couture 

39 Mark Terrace 

Blrthdate: August 25, 1975 

Favorite Song: I'll Give All My Love To You. 

Keith Sweat 
Student of the Month 10, SADD 9, 10, 11, 12. 
Softball 9, 10, 12, Homeroom Representative 
9, 10, 12, Student Alliance Against Racism 11 
12. Julie/Melissa — Jolly Rancher, flower 
others, I Love you guys! Julie Always 

remember our great adventures. I know I wilt »*■ „ 

To Steve C — we will call you later and have 

some bagels and coffee. Brett S Sav don't 

forget you are number 1. Jodi G. Remember 

the day in Friendly's with Stacey, I love you. 

Amy B Lisa Day, doctor appointment and 

more I can't remember them all. Nicole D. 

"You make a good cookie" I love ya. 



Patricia Crowley 




Keri Ann Dare 

59 Ward Street 

Blrthdate: April 9, 1974 

Favorite Song: Can't Fight This Feeling 

Business Club 10, Student of the Month 11. JU 

Griffin: I will always remember planning 

dinner and stalling in front of Shaws. Sue 

Blaine: We had fun at Bickfords and cruising 

in the Fiero looking at houses. Gina B: Don't 

forget Chunky Juice in the food lab. Jill G and 

Sue B: I love you guys — Best Friends forever 

Emily K: Let's not forget our awesome talks it 

second period study. Michelle K Jen R Sherry 

P remember study buddies Junior Year. 

Robin DeCapua 

6 Huckleberry Lane 

Blrthdate: May 7, 1975 

Favorite Song: Real Love by Mary J. Blige 

Business Club 9, 10, Student of the Month 12. 

To my friends who have always been there for 

me Thank you and don't ever forget all the 

good times we had. 


Keith Edward Doherty 

33 Roe! Street 
Blrthdate: February 21 
estling 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12, Computer Club 
, Newspaper Club 11. Jay and Keith should 
Ive been devils. Who cares who the real #1 
, Mr. Guiggio should be a game show host. 
fo the RHS wrestling team: I am finished 
forever. Eric Brown as the Killer Bee. 

Amanda Dorr 

108 West Street 

Favorite Song: Wonderful Tonight 

Cheerleading JV 10, Varsity Captain 11, 

Krsity Co-Captain 12, Gymnastics 9, Harvard 

Model Congress 11, 12, Student Alliance 
■gainst Racism 11, 12. Powder Puff (#16) 12. 
ichelle and Christine Who is in the middle? 
j in thumb wrestling champion of Economics. 
■Tayren there is nothing like a pair of good 
Big jeans. Richelle Mr. Lovennan Abba Jabba 

Kabba Shabba. Danielle stress partner 

nominate forever. Gina B do you want some 

inisagna? Jodi, How many boyfriends do you 

have? love moo. 


Sharon Mary Doran 

21 Vesey Road 

Blrthdate: July 15, 1975 

Favorite Song: In Your Eyes 

Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Color Guard 9, 10, 11, 

Capt. 12, Student of the Month 9, 10, 11, Tutor 

9, 10, 11, Basketball 10. Judy to all of the 

good times we had may they never end. Ann 

never go to Quincy parking lots for HoHo's. 

Wanna go to the beach or to lunch? Gab you 

are the best cousin I ever had. Laura, Kid 

wicked you know where we'll be going! Laurie 

watch out for birds in the barrel. Shelly one 

more year to go. Is that a rotary I see before 

me? To the class of '93 good luck in 

everything. Mom, Dad, John and Rich thank 

you for being there I love you! 

Leland J. Elliot 

3 Kiley Drive 

Blrthdate: October 27, 1975 

Favorite Song: One in a Million 

Winter Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Spring Track 9, 10, 

Football 9, 11. The ever special Saturday Six. 

The second telephone pole on South Street 1 

love New England Telephone. The time we 

raised money for the Twinkie Fund. Thanks 

RHS Brink of Eden — five against the odds. 

Your shirt is open 1 am gonna be sick. It don't 

taste too good. Would you rather have your 

head cut off or be poked in the eyes for an 

hour and a half? 

Miguel Espada 

Mandi Fay 

Kerry L. Feigen 
33 Cedar Avenue 
Blrthdate: April 18, 1975 
Favorite Song: Faithfully 
I Winter Track 10, 11, 12, Softball 9, 10, 
Community Service 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 11, 
2, SADD 11, Representative 12. Breakfast at 
Bickfords and IHOP "David ya gotta stop" 
Inflatable rowboat on our lake of seaweed 
able #7 at Karaoke with Lee Jackie and Joey 
| B Stealing cones on York Street. Jazzy Z's 
I closet, rug and favorite pillow case (sorry) 
Jams Jazz and Hoot, and Rosie Room 106 at 

HoJo's (new Years Eve) Thanks for the 

memories Jams Jazz Hoot Rosie Goodie Lo 

Mull Jonesy and Dina. 

Jessica Miriam Feldman 

34 Perley Evans Drive 

Blrthdate: August 17, 1975 

Favorite Song: Vogue 

Honor Roll 10, 11, 12, French Club 9, 10, 11, 

12, Randy Award 11, Student of the Month 9, 

10, Business Club 10. To Amy Izzo — All our 

Science labs especially the 320 BB's!! math 

memories Brennan all of our soap and movie 

quotes and spazing out in the mall. I'll never 

forget my cuz. To Jessica Maibor I won't 

forget our special days and how China was a 

colony. Best of luck in the future. To Jennifer 

Larkin 11:30 Saturday night WATCH IT!! 



Andy Felix 

47 Webster Street 

Birthdate: January 29, 1975 

Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Student of the Month 

9, 11, Randy Award Nominee 11. First day at 

RHS Junior Year many girls hit on me. Second 

day even more girls hit on me. Indian lived 


Stephanie Finney 

2 Christy Lane 

Birthdate: July 22, 1975 

Favorite Song: Two Out of Three Ain't Bad 

Honor Roll 10, 11, Tutor 11, Chorus 9, 10, 

Powder Puff 12. To Jen W Jen L Steph S 

Andrea H and Richelle Concha!! Jill G "Say 

Anything" In Your Eyes Ouch that slap across 

the face must have hurt. Ps thanks for the 

floor. To the Gibbs Crew: Silver Street "The 

Roof The Roof" Electric Slide To Jen W here 

Al Boom! Al Mike Dan Hey Where did the 

Tent sign go? To my family and friends: 

Though there have been some differences I 

love you all. Kelly Hall Always remember sixth 

period study Have a seat, Crash break a table 


Robert Gale 

26 Francis Drive 

Birthdate: January 24, 1975 

Favorite Song: The Wheel in the Sky 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 

Track 9, 10, 11, Powder Puff Coach 12, 

Student of the Month 11. Young Guns never 

forget the mudslide. Stay away from 

sophomore girls, right Matt? If I had my 

license I would drive you. Hey, Paul, let's go 

rent Star Wars. Dave no more surprises man! 

Mike and Brian 111 never forget the rides to 

school. To all the guys I will never forget you!! 

Thomas Goldman 

32 Boylston Street 

Birthdate: December 28, 1975 

Favorite Song: Imagine 

Class Vice President 10, 11, 12, Cross Country 

Track 10, 11, Captain 12, Indoor Track 10, 11, 

Capt. 12, Baseball 9, 11, 12, Student School 

Committee 9, 10, 11, 12, Academic Bowl 11, 

Capt. 12. Look for the pony. Huh Huh Huh . . . 

Idiot! Elite Clan you talk the talk but do you 

walk the walk? Oh! What is that? Is Guru a 

rabbit or a goat? Dipthong! Ese is alive. Beth, I 

hear you calling. 

Manuela Femandes 

7 West Alden Street 

Birthdate: December 12, 1974 

Favorite Song: End of the Road 

Chorus 9, 10, 11, Student of the Month 11, 

Afro American Club 9, 10, French Club 9, M< 

Turn 11, 12. Sean thanks for being there wh< 

I needed that hubcap. Kenny and Neville nev 

forget those water gun fights. Girls those loci 

rides to Salem I'm Over It!! Cynthia Charlit 

Tiara Tanisha I love you! Liza thanks for 

always being around and putting me straight 

To all my boyz in randolph I leave much lov 

and respect. Miss Golden, thanks for puttin 

up with my complaints and always being the 

I Love You! Jen and Michelle thanks for 

helping me out in Biology. 

Susan E. FruzzetU 

243 Highland Avenue 

Birthdate: November 4, 1975 

Favorite Song: You lost that Loving Feeling 

Student Council 9, 10, Vice Pres. 11, 12, 

Student School Committee 9, 10, 11, 12, 

National Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Cross 

Country Track 9, 10, Capt. 11, 12, 

Winter/Spring Track 9, 10, Capt. 11, 12. Spill 

in Chemistry class. The two biggest schemer 

White Christmas in September. High Fives. 

Stade A. Goldberg 

20 Page Street, Avon 

Birthdate: September 6, 1976 

Favorite Song: Closer to Fine 

Show Choir 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 10, 11 

12, Harvard Model Congress 12, Chorus 10, 

Secretary 11, Assistant Manager 12, 

Community Service 10, 11, 12. To Heather, i 

daj, dade! Tina, National Geographic never 

fails. Crystal I and II, who's mindin' the store 

To second period History AP — the key yean 

To the Show Choir — Who's steppin in food: 

Memories of: the Earthtones the Inkspots 

Whoa! Illegal Aliens Life 101 Castle Island 

Swings the crazy bus and X marks the spot. 






Liza Goncalves 


Matthew Goodfinger 

Bemadette Gordon 

Jodi Green 
59 Acorn Drive 

f Birthdate: March 27, 1975 

Favorite Song: Saving Forever For You 
SADD 9, 10, 12, Business Club 9, Yearbook 
ommittee 12, Powder Puff 12, Student of the 
lonth 10. Heather and Gina don't forget the 
taxi rides home. Heather don't fall are you 
going to basketball/ Amy and Marni Don't 
jrget sitting in front of the house. Denise Jay 
iolly Heather Win Lose or Draw Alison don't 

forget the bad luck at the malls Alicia 

Hampton Beach Mom and Dad and Stacey 

thanks for everything. 

Aisha Greene 

Brad Greenstein 

9 Blakely Circle 

Birthdate: March 26, 1975 

Favorite Song: If I Ever Fall In Love 

Baseball 9, 12, Basketball 9, Show Choir 12. 

Tom, I was aiming for the holes. How are 

hese strategy games Brett? Is my hair okay? 

i*ou know you love this picture! I have a little 

surprise for you. 

Jill Griffin 

27 Fitzgerald Street 

Birthdate: June 6, 1975 

Favorite Song: Total Eclipse of the Heart 

Powder Puff 12. Keri, you are my best friend 

even though we were meant to be related. I 

will always love you. Amanda, I am bugging. 

Stephy, you can have the floor and don't 

forget to Say Anything I love ya. Tiffany, I will 

give you my house to live in I'll meet you at 

Dunks. Suesterdoodle, you can have those 

curbs. Dabielle, you will always be very special 

to me and watching Uncle Buck eating Jimmy 

roles. Mike, I will always remember our good 


Kelly Marie Hall 

8 Edwin Street 

Birthdate: May 13, 1975 

Favorite Song: Somebody Saved My Life 


itama Club 11, Select Chorus 10, 11. Jen do it 
ligain-Rooney-skating rink-the chair. Holly the 
dog won't leave spitzi alone. Michelle are you 
et to go? Marie Jodi Sue the crying lady: Erin 
I and Kathy: Double brain. Jodi the lunch sled 
I — I love you all. To the smile on my face: 
i Jason, I will love you forever and always. Fin 
Nantasket Beach and Pepsi Andrea sis be 
careful Indiana Jones. 

Janine Henry 

12 Hillsdale Avenue 

Birthdate: April 13, 1975 

Favorite Song: I Still Believe 

SADD 9, 10, 11, 12, Pres., Newspaper 11. Dave 

meet you at the Parthenon second period! 

Shake your Love . . . Let's open up a Karaoke 

bar! arm throw all the way baby. I refuse to 

share my veal and Hawaiian meatballs. I will 

miss you guys Feig Jams Hoot Dorans 


■ tftl 



Hang Hoang 

5 Sandy Lane 

Birthdate: August 20, 1975 

Favorite Song: The Great Pretender 

Drama Club 11, Production Manager 12, 

Community Service 10, 11, Pres. 12, French 

Club 10, 11, Vice Pres. 12, Newspaper Club 10, 

11, Assistant Editor 12, National Honor 

Society 10, 11, 12. We found an excellent 

restaurant! Is she looking? What if ... I know 

it all now. 

Holly Hutchinson 

32 Howard Avenue 

Birthdate: December 19, 1975 

Favorite Song: Faithfully 

Cheerleading 10, Drama Club 10, 11, Chorus 9, 

10, 11, Student of the Month 11, Oracle Staff 

12. Shut up, Jomama!! Alan red means go 

Kelly "the dog won't leave Spitzi alone" 

Michelle, "are you ret to go?" Jen, "do it 

again . . .!" 

Delores Hunter 

315 Chestnut Street 

Birthdate: February 8, 1975 

Favorite Song: Always and Forever 

Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Afro American Club 9, 1( 

School Government 9, Student Alliance 
Against Racism 11, Debate Team 9. Aisha wi 
have gone through tough times thanks for yol 
wisdom. Melissa you know me better than 
anyone (except Aisha) Love ya! Reeve, I neve 
thought we would ever be friends, thanks. 
Byron Jo! Man! You look good now than befoi 

no sa! Get Along Gang you all are a trip 

thanks for your friendship Manuela Hey I wa 

your first friend here. 111 never forget you. 

Liza, we go way back I know you will becomt 


Yen (Emily) Huynh 

28 Boylston Street 

Birthdate: March 15, 1975 

Favorite Song: There is Only You in My Hear 

Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, International Club 

Officer 12, Newspaper Club 12, Assoc. Editot 

French Club 11, 12. Life is precious, so 
treasure it, learn from it, and be happy while 

you can. Thank you Mr. Edwards and Mr. 

Visser for helping me through the years and 

thanks for your love and support. Thank you 

Hindi, Bob and Don I had a wonderful time 

working for all of you. Special thanks to all m 

friends and family for their love and support 

Good-bye RHS, I will miss you all best of lucl 

to everybody. 

Jill Christine Iskra 

24 Howard Avenue 

Birthdate: May 21, 1975 

Communications Club 9, Business Club 9, 10, 

Powder Puff 12, Student of the Month 12. 

Daytona 1991 — Gina Melissa and Jenn "I 

can't find my walkman" Gibsons — Hey Finn 

remember when . . .? Kerri Maka Weet what's 

up lose. Wait Weet What? Lovey Marsh Dizzy 

Gina thanks for all the good times. To 

Princess I miss ya. garage parties 91. 

Sophomore year to all my Saturday night 

house parties. Geen friends and family 

forever, another thing it is GRAM!!! 

Amy Izzo 

39 Linden Park Drive 

Birthdate: June 19, 1975 

Favorite Song: Imagine 

Honor Roll 10, 11, 12, Library Aid 9, 10, 11, 

12, Community Service 10, French Club 12, 

Student of the Month 9, 10, 11, 12. To Jodi S 

Best Wishes and good luck in the future, neve] 

forget RHS you are a great friend. To Jessica 

F: Control C singing on the way home the lab 

the lunches the quotes and the lunch we 

laughed at anything we saw or did. never 

forget RHS in general the good the bad the 

happy or sad OK. 

James E. Jackson, Jr. 

18 Anderson Drive 

Birthdate: October 13, 1975 

Favorite Song: Two Occasions 

Chorus Manager 12, Show Choir 11, 12, SADD 

11, 12, Yearbook Editor 12. That should be 

hours of material for you Jazz. Do they have a 

drive thru? They do! Who? Dunkin Donuts! I 

Mark, of being of sound mind and body . . . 

New Slacks Jazz, why yes they are! That's 

gonna be a new thing now . . . not in the least! 

Bad 106 New Years Eve OhOhOh Jazz . . . This 

is for you guys! We don't like Nose! Jazz How 

was ISS? Eli what is your middle name? Levi 

. . . Okay! Could I not have any attitude . . . 

pinch. Jazz is Z. Jazz what are you? I don't 

know I guess I am Z. Lollipop Lollipop oh lolli 

lolli lolli lollipop — . If it tastes that bad just 

spit it out on your shirt. Kerry Dave Jazz and 

Hoot I love you guys. 

Kamal Jackson 

56 Himoor Circle 

Birthdate: March 4, 1976 

Favorite Song: Any song with Slash. 

Baseball 10. To Steve whaddya mean a 

haunted house? To Bill who knows maybe 

gerbils do write neatly. To Brett throw anyone 

off your car lately? To Leland I can't believe 

you shot me. To everyone I just wanted you to 

know it don't taste good. To anyone where is 

the corner of your head anyway. To Steve she 

might be a little young but she ain't naive. 

" 48 

Melissa Johns 

386 North Main Street 

Birthdate: August 3, 1975 

Favorite Song: Reminisce 

usiness Club 9, 10. Steve remember "jingle 

all da way" Marni and Julie I hope our 
endship lasts forever. Marni and Julie where 
re the seatbelts? Mom and Dad, I love you! 

H ^^i 

I Heidi Allison Judge 

15 Cedar Avenue 
Birthdate: January 15, 1975 
Favorite Song: The Glory of Love 
earbook 12, SADD 9, 10, 11, 12, Co Pres., 
ench Club 9, 10, Pres. 11, 12, Honor Society 
ID, 11, Secretary 12, Peer Leadership 11, 12. 1 
Ihink it is time for you all to leave. I went to 
Israel and spent three weeks in Akkibutz and 
i! their eyes were brown. You can wear your 
lOV's up or down it doesn't matter. You just 
Isn't. BoBo's class rules. Good luck to Shanny 
izz Black Orchid Mulch Fig Leaf. Let's cruise 
Quincy Plaza with a bag over our head. 

Tara Johnson 

232 Evans Street 

Birthdate: January 9, 1974 

Favorite Song: Too Legit to Quit 

Ambition: to be a teacher. Basketball 10, 11, 

12. What up Sabrina. How old are you? How is 

your boyfriend? How is mom? How is my 

cousin Nadia? Is mom working hard, Sabrina? 

What are you doing for Christmas? 

Emily Kachinsky 

55 Birch Drive 

Birthdate: December 15, 1975 

Favorite Song: And When She Danced 

Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12, Treas., 

Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 12, Cheerleading 10, 11, 

12, National Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Tutor 

12. Jill and Tiffany thanks for being there for 

me I love you guys. Alison 1 am glad we 

became friends again you are the best. Keri 

remember hanging with you at Shawa and my 

phone number. Tiffany do you have to go 

through Boston to get home from Quincy. 

Alison remember silk boxers sweaters and 

leather boots. Keri don't forget our awesome 

talks in second period study. To all my friends 

thanks for the memories. 

Marie Karoul 
18 Virginia Circle 
Birthdate: September 16, 1975 
Favorite Song: Eye of the Tiger 
basketball 9, 10, 11, Student of the Month 10, 
I 11, 12. Ambition: to be a physical therapist 
land own my own facilities. To own houses in 
lawaii Arizona and Florida and own a hotel in 

Karen Khan 

43 West Street 

Birthdate: September 27, 1976 

Favorite Song: I Will Always Love You 

Teen Forum 11, 12, Afro American Club 11, 

Student Alliance Against Racism 11, 12, 

International Club 9, 10. To Rachel Lilian and 

Tasha we are family. 

Leo Kin 

18 Abbey Street 

Birthdate: September 18, 1974 

Favorite Song: Fur Elise by Beethoven 

Cross Country 9, 10, 11, Student Council 10, 

11, Exec. Board 12, Academic Bowl Team 10, 

11, 12, Capt. Indoor Outdoor Track 9, 10, Math 

Team 10, 11, 12. 1 hate yellow submarines. Sue 

. . . nice race. Elite Clan, you talk the talk but 

do you walk the walk? Sorry Brink of Eden. 

Madcap Madcap Madcap! no! why because I 

don't like you. Jen dance for me. 

Scott King 



Michelle Krienskv 

151 Bittersweet Lane 

Birthdate: May 5, 1975 

Favorite Song: 111 Be There For You 

Student of the Month 11, Powder Puff 12. Jen 

R you are the greatest. Kelly H you are all 
done. Hutch hutchsmackycinnamonson. Jenn 
Kelly and Holly good luck and we will always 
be friends in the heart. Jill G many sleepless 
nights wondering where my sister is. Jill, you 
are in hot water. Jenn W, I will never forget 
the 13 years. 

Alan Kronmiller 

115 West Street 

Birthdate: August 13, 1974 

Favorite Song: Once by Pearl Jam 

Student of the Month 10, Spring Track 10, 11 

Football 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12. Powder Puff 

Coach 12, Yearbook 12. To all superfriends I 

love You. To Catwoman Meow! To Mike need I 

kicka? To Dan and Bob remember the blitz, 

Hey Josh thanks for the three hefty bags. He; 

Oatsle what are you getting for your birthday 

this year? To Patsy (mom) It hasn't been easy 

I Love You. 

Gervelvn Lamour 

39 Knights Crescent 

Birthdate: April 17, 1974 

Favorite Song: I Will Always Love You 

Teen Forum 10, 11, 12, Chorus 9, International 

Club 9, 10, Afro American Club 9, 10, 11, 12, 

Student Alliance Against Racism 11, 12. 1 

would like to thank my parents for seeing me 

through the years. Myriam we will always be 

friends but slow down Brenda stop being a 

flirt. Nancy no matter what I will always be 

here for you. Karen how can one woman be so 

blessed? Rachel do not forget about our party 

line. Melissa what happened to the three 


Mvrtam Laurore 

43 Highland Avenue 

Birthdate: June 24, 1974 

Favorite Song: I Will Always Love You Teen 

Forum 10, 11. To all my friends I am going to 

miss you guys. Lilian you are a very good 
friend sometimes. Nadine and Dipty 4 years of 

French "Parlezvous le francais" Karen and 

Liza I enjoyed our Physics class. I hope we all 

become what we want it will be tough but hey. 

To mom thanks for putting up with me. I Love 

You. Mr. Fallon I will miss bugging you. 

David Levtne 

5 Adams Drive 

Favorite Song: Smells Like Teen Spirit 

Business Club 11, 12, Community Service 12. 

Mail teachers, mail boxes Mr. McKee Mr. 

Hurley Office Manager driving lessons and 

finally the license. 

* ^^^ 



Jennifer Larkin 

13 Harris Street 

Birthdate: September 8, 1975 

Favorite Song: The Last Song 

Chorus 9, 10, Drama 11, 12, Student of the 

Month 9, 10, French Club 9, 11, Homeroom 

Rep 9, 10, 11. Jessica F live from New York "i 

is Saturday night" To Jonothan W tell Jodi I 

said Hi. Jodi S no we don't have a quiz in 

math. Kynn Maria and Sylvia M-I-C-K-E-Y-M 

O-U-S-E Jessica M making friends for the 

world to see especially when they come to 

lunch with us. David R "don't hit me Jenn" 

Amy Izzo and that means??? 

Dellsha Lee 

298 Chestnut West 

Birthdate: April 4, 1975 

Favorite Song: If I Ever Fall In Love 

Teen Forum 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, 

Afro American Club 9, 10, 11. To my mother 

who I love thanks for putting up with me 
through the years. To my father thank you foi 
being there for me. Sondiza remember me 
always best friends. Ty 1 love you stay cool. 
Mr. Sarney thanks for talking to me when I 
had bad problems. To all my friends I didn't 
mention I love ya. 

Keith Levtne 

7 Lantern Lane 

Birthdate: July 18, 1975 

Favorite Song: If I Ever Fall In Love 

Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12, Spring Track 11, 

12, Student Council 10, 12, Honor Roll 9, 12, 

Winter Track 12. Weasel Merlin, Stallion, 

Yoda, Toody, Twain, Guido, Chiwawah, Elite 

Clan, Senior Edition Rules. Man is the measuri 

of all things. Well miss you Cheers. 

Thanksgiving and Peaches. Kingdog, 

Shermdog, Maddog, Devildog, Elf y dog, 

Weseldog, Dictatordog: Cross Country Kicks 

Butt! Rich Will Brock and Andy you are 

welcome for all the things that I ever did for 

you (especially Homework) To the class of 

1993 good luck and See Ya! 


Jennifer Lewis 

8 Crawford Street 

Birthdate: March 7, 1975 

Favorite Song: Take My Breath Away 

Ceith Jay and Andrea we will always live the 

good life. Stephanie Snyder Junior Year #1. 

ayren how did I always get the higher grade? 

Oh Marie try to stay in school for one whole 

day. Jodi P you ain't no dancer you ain't 
I nothing. To 5th period study "the session" 
I Andrea school starts at 7:35 not 12:00 pm. 

Erik Lightman 

Douglas Scott Llberman 

53 Fitch Terrace 

Birthdate: June 24, 1975 

Wrestling 9, 11, 12, Capt., Football 10, Oracle 

Staff 12. Super Soakers will live on in infinity. 

Cheers will live forever. No more derivatives! 

Rich take the wheel I have to look at the map. 

To my favorite chemistry lab partner Reeve, 

"Whoa Buddy" Hey Paul, Rob, and Dave let's 

go to Connecticut. Matt our lashes will always 

live in History. 

Angela Lin 

36 Jacobs Road 

Birthdate: December 31, 1975 

Favorite Song: How Am I Supposed To Live 

Without You? 
National Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Marching 
Band 11, 12, Tutoring 9, 10, 11, 12, Math Team 
10, 11, 12, Harvard Model Congress 11, 12. To 
Billy and Grace: thanks for putting up with me 
for the past four years. To Amy Tina Rebecca 

Maggie and Wendy: I had so much fun with 

you guys in lunch. To Jodi: don't drive yourself 

crazy and try to have fun in College. To Joe: 

Sorry about the misfortune with your lab 

group. To Tom: the truth will live on. To 

Rachel: when are you going to do something 

about that "god among man of yours?" 

Heather Jean Llnd 
1 Heather Lane 
Birthdate: November 22, 1975 
Favorite Song: Wonderful Tonight 
lonor Roll 9, 10, 11, Chorus 9, 10, Student of 
he Month 10, 11, Yearbook Staff 12, Powder 
uff 12. Gina: Over the fence and tripping over 
the gutter at 3am! Mark Mike Gina and Bob 
does a mailbox two parked cars and a tree 

ring a bell? Tricia: Is your lunch a little 
smushed? Jodi thanks for the unforgettable 
ides in the taxi. Mom and Dad you made me 
vhat I am today, I love You. Nick: thanks for 

the memories. 
mbition: to turn my dreams into reality and if 
don't succeed then to know I tried my best. 

Pang Lin Lo 

8 Skyview Road 

Birthdate: May 9, 1974 

Favorite Song: Save the Best For Last 

Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Student of the Month 

9, 10, 11, Community Service 11, 12, Math 

Team 9, 10, 11, 12, Academic Bowl Team 11, 

12. To Angela Lin: Don't take everything too 

serious. To Grace Chan: Thank you for the 

food. To Leo Kin: Thank you for listening to 

me all these years. To Tom Goldman: Don't let 

anyone take over your place. To Ms. Harding: 

Thank you for the encouragement and 

patience. To Mr. Turner: Thank you for 

believing in me. To Mr. P. King: I am glad I 

passed your class. 

Lisa Lussier 

Brian Macclnl 

119 Canton Street 

Birthdate: April 26, 1975 

Favorite Song: Dreams 

Cross Country 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12, Spring 

Track 9, 10, 11, Wrestling 10, 11, Student 

Council 10, 11, 12, National Honor Society 10, 

11, 12, "big bucks" Popems $2.39 Sue, Six 
Flags and Rocky Marciano Ross Perot in 96', 
Paul Chirichiello Prom Position Elite Clan — 
Stay together, stay strong. We're outta here! 



Jessica Maibor 

3 David Road 

Birthdate: October 20, 1975 

Favorite Song: Will You Still Love Me? 

Drama Club 12, SADD 9, 10, 11, Sec. 12, 

French Club 9, 10, 12, Colorguard 12, Peer 

Leadership 11, 12. To my friends I am gonna 

Miss you thanks for the memories. Jess Happy 

9th of every month. Hang thank you for 

dissecting my pig, glad we are friends. 

Heather O We have known each other how 

long? Keep going straight! 

Michelle Makedon 

10 Feener Circle 

Birthdate: April 4, 1975 

Favorite Song: Friends 

French Club 9, 10, Peer Leadership 9, 10, 11 

"I know my brakes" The Audi 5 Whassup 

baby? Step off yo! Center Street, The BOC. 

Hey Jill need a ride home? Wait wait what 

happened? Hey Stephanie Iran all the way 

home. Al Mike Dan which way to the tent? 

well what can you do? Talk to ya later . 
much lata. Peace out to the BIG GIRLS CLUI 

Stephanie Mann 

9 Rae Circle 

Birthdate: October 27, 1975 

Favorite Song: Jack and Diane 

Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12, Winter and 

Spring Track 10, 11,12, Honor Society 10, 11, 

Vice Pres. 12, Color Guard 9, 10, 11, Math 
Team 10, 11, 12. Ill get three steps someday!! 

Making midnight omelettes! Trips to the 
Science Museum Going to the bank every day. 

Knowing people with the last name 

"Bloomberg" Amy B. Harvard Square, Sticks 

and Maine. 

Jean P. Mars 

49 Reed Street 

Birthdate: June 23, 1974 

Favorite Song: Saving Forever For You 

Soccer 9, Basketball 10, Student Alliance 

Against Racism 11. To Lilian and Myriam 

remember the day in Brockton I had to chasi 

the car? To Kar: Remember you will always t 

blessed. To Ricardo: We are always going to 

be Bon Jovi. To my boys: take it easy with lif 

To Mrs. Harkins I will always remember you , 

class. To Cheryl: My name is not snobby. To 

all of my friends I will never forget any of yo> 


Candida Martinez 

170 Chestnut West 

Birthdate: November 8, 1973 

Favorite Song: What Is The 411? 

Track 9, 10, Afro American Club 9, 10. Tayren: 

Do you want to run to Shaws for me? Liza 

remember what we used to do Tayren in 7th 

grade lunch! Mrs. Baldwin I want to thank you 

for all your help. MOM thanks for always being 

there for me! Peace out class of 93 Jennifer 

Chin you are a cool person do not ever change. 

Cynthia Germain glad we are cool, wuz up 


Kelly Ann McMenlmon 

15 West Patterson Avenue 

Birthdate: March 8, 1975 

Favorite Song: Love in an Elevator 

Randy Award Winner 10, Amnesty 

International 11, Powder Puff 12. Andrea yoi 

and I will always be carasols. Hey Bern wai 

throw me some whipped cream? Darcey my 

side or yours. Tricia do we sell blow pops by 

the bulk? what? Alison, her name isn't 

McMenopause. Andrea watch that yield sign 

Mom dad Penny Tricia Andrea Bern Darcey 

Alison and Walter thanks you guys. I Love Yo 


Eli Molls 

115 Warren Street 

Birthdate: July 6, 1975 

Favorite Song: Crazy Train 

Football 12, Wrestling 12, Winter/Spring 

Track 12, Roadkill Removal Team 11, 12. 1 

love the quotient rule. Period 6 Meteorology 

"We are Family" Hey Heather who is the 8th 

grader? Hey Chris where is Alfred? Cap 

n 'Crunch. King-I Hey Gale Brian really is. 

Melissa Monteiro 

Highland Avenue 

Birthdate: June 3, 1975 

Favorite Song: Let's Chill 

Honor Roll 9, 12, Teen Forum 10, 11, Student 

of the Month 9, 10, Afro American Club 11. 

Friends thanks for a FUN Junior Year. To 

Delores thanks for keeping all my secrets. T<- 

my buddy Reeve you are like a brother to i 

To Reeve Aisha Delores Abe Cheryl and Byro 

thanks for making me laugh. To my best 

friend Aisha I'll never forget you. Thanks to 

my parents for letting me get this far and 

beyond. Thanks to God for all his blessings. ' 




Brenda Maura Moreira 

93 Bittersweet Lane 

Blrthdate: August 22, 1975 

Favorite Song: Save the Best for Last 

Teen Forum Secretary 10, 11, Student of the 

Month 9, 10, 11, 12, Library Media Aide 9, 

Foreign Language Teacher Aide 9, 10, 11, 

Computer Center 12. Karen what happened to 

'ee Wee? Liza Fab Michelle and Connie in Mr. 

Ed's class. 11th grade Math 7th Period. 

stretch strike a pose. Byron forget Ms. Thang 

Te quiero! Melissa good luck in whatever you 

choose to do. 

Christine Mugherini 

160 North Street 

Blrthdate: January 6, 1975 

Favorite Song: Learning to Fly 

Soccer 9, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, Student 

Council 11, 12, Honor Society 11, 12, Honor 

Roll 9, 10, 11, 12. Monkeys might fly out of my 

butt. Naphen remember the midnight swims at 

Nate's? I have a sudden craving for a white 

russian Ang. Li it is a hard knock life for us. 

Back off man do not make me use this. No 

more stompin banana berry juice please. Li 

how did the soap taste? 

Laura Mullen 
76 Pond Street 
Blrthdate: July 22, 1975 
Favorite Song: Bohemian Rhapsody 
Track 9, Soccer 11, Homeroom Rep 9, 12, 
Tutor 10, 11, Yearbook Staff 12. Whole cake. 
Jina's commercial. Bobo's class. Ann running 
jme over with her car. Audra's locker. Parties 
■t Knots Landing. Penney, You know how it is. 

Ryan Nager 

11 Hart Circle 

Blrthdate: August 26, 1975 

Favorite Song: When I Look Into Your Eyes 

Drama 11, 12, Golf 9, 10, 12, Basketball 9, 

Chess Club 9, Football 9. Junior Prom was 


Aimee Nasanofsky 
70 Pine Ave. 
Blrthdate: September 8, 1975 
lational Honor Society 10, 11, 12, French Club 
|>, 10, 11, 12, Drama Club 12, Magic Club 9, 10, 
Yearbook Staff 12, Homeroom Advisor 11, 12. 
To Jodi Slobodkin: I leave happy memories of 
I the Red Knight. To Mr. Pirrera: I leave the 
! best year of his teaching career 92-93. To 
Jessica Feldman: I leave my favorite zarf . 

Cheryl Neal 

15 High Street 

Blrthdate: March 28, 1975 

Favorite Song: If I Ever Fall In Love 

Nominee for Randy 11, Business Club 9, 10, 

School Store 9. To Julie: Summer of 1992 we 

had a bowser of a time. I know I won't forget 

it ever! To Robin: Yes you are always right I 

will Never contradict you again. To Christy: 

You are like a sister to me and we really do 

look alike. To Jen: What did you say? nosa! I 

love you all and will never forget you. 

Chert Nelson 

Frederick Newman 


Jeffrey Nilsen 

15 Old Street 

Bbrthdate: June 13, 1975 

Favorite Song: In The Life by The Beatles 

Jazz Band 11, Wiffle Ball Team Captain 9, 10, 

11, 12, Roadkill Removal Team 12, Seven Ten 

Club. Mr. Z's class The Quadrant Four. The 

Twinkie fund: thanks everybody. The Ghose 

Gang. To Leland, Bob and Twlnk I Love you 


Andrea O'Connel 

73 North Glenway Avenue 

Bbihdate: August 12, 1975 

Favorite Song: I Will Always Love You 

Homeroom Rep. 9, Spring Track 10, Varsity 

Cheerleader 11, Powder Puff 12, Homeroom 

Advisor 12. Thanks mom and dad Jenna and 

Mark I Love You. Jodl what happened to 

Amherst and Joe Kennedy's son? Bob I pink) 

swear I am absolutely positively sure I Love 

You. Bern Darcey, Bobby and Bill "Boston 

Chicken to go anyone?" Tricia and Alison w< 

will always remember Sandra Dee. My 

carosoul partner Kelly 1 will never forget thi 

trains and buses. Kelly and Bern Yield sign or 

rotary? Sirens What? 

Jennifer O'Dea 

3 Van Beal Road 

Bbrthdate: August 5, 1975 

Favorite Song: Vanishing 

Business Club 9, Chorus 9, Community Service 

9, SADD 9, 10, Track 10, Student Alliance 

Against Racism 11, Randy Award Winner 11, 

Students for Racial Harmony 11, French Club 


Derek S. Oats 

29 Adams Drive 

Bbrthdate: May 26, 1975 

Favorite Song: Against All Odds 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, 

Captain, Honor Roll 12, Wrestling 12, Track 9 

10. Here's to Sandler vs. Wuschke saga one 

last time. Hey Tom wanna do donuts on the 

Lyons School field? Don't ever forget the 

roadkill at the Junior Prom. September 14, 

1991 . . . day 1. Sandler's after the Whitman 

Hanson game Sophomore Year. To Tom 

Brennan. "The Man" To Sherm "Give em the 


Heather Oksman 

64 Bittersweet Lane 

Bbihdate: July 4, 1975 

Favorite Song: Come Into My Life 

Show Choir 10, 11, 12, Drama Guild 9, 10, 11, 

12, Marching Band 10, 11, 12, Community 
Service 9, 10, 11, 12, Harvard Model Congress 
11, 12. Hey Dave . . . ABC . . . 123. The doors 

gonna slam, it is gonna be loud. Who is 
throwing food? Stacie don't ever forget about 
yesterday. Chris thanks for always being there 
with a smile. Crackdown where are our shoes? 

Joshua Robert Parker 

30 Darrell Drive 

Bbrthdate: April 3, 1975 

Favorite Song: What it Takes. 

Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Lighting Director 10 

11, 12, Show Choir 9, 10, Harvard Model 
Congress 11, Baseball 9. My entire Junior Yeai 

is one I would like to forget. The Senior 
privilege is getting out early. The three buds: 
Ryan Barry and Josh. Nickname WA. Ho Ho! 


Dipti Patel 

73 Emily Jeffers Road 

Bbrthdate: February 2, 1975 

Favorite Song: End of the Road 

Soccer #15 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12, 

Powder Puff #23 12, Capt., SADD 12, Afro 

American Club 11, 12. Nadine don't forget the 

good old days like Nerd Brighton and the 

Keys. Chandra Children's Lit was fun! Laurie 

we had some good times during Soccer, "you 

go girl" "Deep Cover" what a good movie. 

Tayren who are you going to vote for best 

body? To all my friends 111 miss you and wish 

you the best of luck. To my parents thanks for 

the love and support. My Bud: remember all 

the good times, Easter 92 1 Love You always. 

Michael Paul 






Jodl Peppe 

13 Sherman Drive 

Birthdate: May 14, 1975 

Favorite Song: With or Without You 

Basketball 11, Honor Roll 11, Homeroom Rep. 

11, 12, Powder Puff 12. Kelly Jenn and Hutch: 

keep on riding the lunchsled Jen Lewis you 

ain't dancing you ain't nothing. Fame. Melissa 

and Amy don't forget our talks over the pigs. 

Andrea: How was our trip to Amherst? Too 

bad we never made it arie: Shaws dogs 

forever, Maine 92 all you can eat for as fast as 

you can run. My family for their love and 

support. My Bud: remember all the good 

times, Easter 92 I love you always. 

Melissa Perry 

23 Blakely Circle 

Birthdate: February 2, 1975 

Favorite Song: I Would Die Without You 

Color Guard 9, 10, 11, 12, Show Choir 10, 11, 

12, Peer Leadership 11, 12, Community 
Service 10, 11, 12, Student Alliance Against 
iacism 12. Laurie would you feed the dog? It's 

not my fault you are not cultured. No keep 

joing James. You could have broken her toes! 

Hey Beanie careful of giant killer crabs. Mr. 

Vancor Let's go get some french fries and 

some ice cream. Gabrielle I need to go 


Denise Peri 

6 Lambert Road 

Birthdate: April 26, 1975 

Favorite Song: Faithfully 

Softball 9, Swim Team 9, 10, Cheerleader 10, 

11, Powder Puff 12. "Stop sign" What stop 

sign? Thanks Tom to PC I love your shoes. AD 

Abba rub your legs and make you feel good. 

JG and her seat cushions. Jay S Biology and 


Ambition: to pass math, to own a car be rich 

and to be the best I can be. 

Stephen John Plcco 

29 Kathleen Road 

Birthdate: July 14, 1975 

Favorite Song: Losing My Religion. 

Superfriend 12, The Chico Morales Fan Club 

12. Ken Richmond and his funny hand 

motions. My shotgun The Artywiztzer Song. To 

Mark Grundig: You made me what I am today. 


Karen Planeta 

373 Chestnut West 

Birthdate: March 4, 1975 

Favorite Song: Against All Odds 

lass Secretary 11, 12, Student Council 10, 11, 

1 12, National Honor Society 12, Powder Puff 

1*55) 12, Tutor 11, 12. Melissa Tom and Derek 

Santa's Dream 91 — ha ha. Derek party after 

j Randolph vs Archies game September 14 

1991. Danielle YBFA freshman year and half 

days at pres. Summer vacation in Sandwich. 

Water Country, Homecoming, 91 Turner's 

ALG. Trig class. Best of luck to the class of 

1993 thank you for the good times. 

Keith Pokornlckl 

14 West Druid Hill Avenue 

Birthdate: September 2, 1975 

Favorite Song: I Can't Wait Another Minute. 

Basketball 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12, Football 9, 

SADD 12, Roadkill Removal Team 11, 12, 

Tidleywinks Varsity Team 10, 11, 12. Winning 

League Championship in sophomore year. 

Running from Mr. Sarney in junior year and 

having great teammates. The good life limo 

ride with Jay after the junior prom. Football 

games, nooo uh ha silly, Bench buddies. To Da 

n,Ricardo,Tom,Clinton,Mark I Love You Guys. 

October 16 1991 — I Love You Tammy, 

Forever. Aunty Bridget, Uncle PhilJ)ad,JodyJii 

cky .Clayton Jay thanks and I Love You guys. 1 

miss, and I love you, MOM. 

Melissa Powers 

35 Cross Street 

Birthdate: August 18, 1975 

Favorite Song: I Will Always Love You. 

I Gymnastics 9, 10, Football Cheering 10, 11, 

2, Hockey and Basketball Cheering 11, Float 

Committee 10, 11, 12, Powder Puff 12. Mek 

Mek Whoo Pth Goy Goy Baberk Baberk. 
Santa's Dream 91 ha ha Tom. April Vacation 
Jaytona Warpigs 1991. Lunch every day with 
rundig and Rish. Chemistry Lab did you go to 
| the "Liberry" yet? Good and not so good 
iimes with my honeybunch. Thanks Mom JMan, 
Ganka X>ad,Gizmo,Coco,and Kelly. 

Maggie Rebecca Previa 

14 Michael Road 

Birthdate: March 14, 1975 

Favorite Song: Battle of Evermore 

Drama Club 11, 12, Show Choir 12, Academic 

Bowl Team 12, Physic's Row Captain 12, 

Medieval Society 12, President Founder of the 

Randolph Chapter. I am going to England to 

see the Serene calm bust of Shakespeare. I 

cancelled my subscription to National 
Geographic but they keep sending me new 
issues. Tracey, Shaherazades palace will be. 
Show Choir, please take a wild guest. Mom 
and Jan thank you love always. The goddess 
lives. We have traversed the pits of hell and 
emerged victorious. 


Sherry Pruett 

316 Chestnut West 

Birthdate: October 13, 1975 

Favorite Song: Always and Forever 

Junior year fifth period study, yeah we went 

(zorbas) Jenn Lewis (JFO's in my backyard. 

Killer Geese on the loose, run Jill. Jenn 

Richard story of the day. Richelle back up in 

the middle of the highway much? Sophomore 

gym class girls locker room "we are pigs" 

Where is Jill? Where is Sherry? 

Richelle Quashle 

L-4 Franklin Square 

Birthdate: November 1, 1975 

Favorite Song: Open Arms 

Gymnastics 9, Cross Country 9, JV Cheerin 

10, Varsity Cheering 11, Co-Capt. 12, Capt 

Float Committee 10, 11, 12. Amanda who is 

the middle? Chemistry lab have you been t 

the library yet? Christine the strap, singlet 

burp burp burp. Danielle Santa's Dream 91 

Stephanie the clown the good times with 

kooncha. David oh my god it is yellow. Helis 

we know everything. 

Julie Sara Rapaport 

159 Bittersweet Lane 

Birthdate: June 16, 1975 

Favorite Song: Unconditional Love 

Student of the Month 11, My Turn 11, Randy 

Nominee 9. Laurie: you have been like a sister 

to me, thanks. Robin: don't forget to shut your 

alarm clock off. Oh yeah and watch those 

corners. Christy; Don't ever forget the Buddy 

System. Cheryl: Thanks for going to Doogie 

with me. 91 the year I met Sean I love you 

honey. To my friends Good luck in the future 1 

will miss you all. 

Jennifer Richard 

15 Webster Street 

Birthdate: February 15, 1975 

Favorite Song: Love is on the Way 

Swim Team 10, SADD 9. Jill: remember mo 

moo face and all the fun parties. Nicole: Yo 

Go Girl. Jen; shut up am I talking? Holly: yc 

know it is true 1 need a brew. Michelle: Shou 

we go to study or Zorbas? Kelly: your the chi 

the rink and your foot. Sherry: Study Buddie 

11th grade and fried rice. 

Clayton Richards 

22 Ely Street 

Birthdate: September 27, 1975 

Favorite Song: I Can't Wait Another Minute 

For Your Love 

Student of the Month 11, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 

Capt. 12, Roadkill Removal Team 11, 12, 

SADD 12. The original Chocolate Thunder 

trading card. Gina and Amanda you were the 

best darn cheerleaders out there thank you for 

your support. All we are saying is give Poko a 

chance. Our winning game in December 92' 

Rockland Randolph 69. Thanks to my friends 

for all those nights you just drove by me 

because I wasn't smiling. Peace! 

Ken Richmond 

30 Birch Drive 

Birthdate: November 25, 1975 

Favorite Song: Bohemian Rhapsody 

French Club 9, Tennis 10, 11, 12. 1 leave Mat 

Trager my calculus book. I leave Hang a key 

to her mailbox. I leave Jen Violante my SAT 


Michael Roberts 

22 Wales Avenue 

Birthdate: January 26, 1975 

Favorite Song: Black by Pearl Jam 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12, ACL ALL Star, 

Wrestling 9, 12, Track and Field 10, 11, 12, 

Chico Morales Fan Club 12, Superfriend 12. 

Picco's Red Tom's Auto Sales Sweatshirt. The 

Thanksgiving Game Mudbowl Playing in the 

mud. Doug's white sweatshirt. Visiting 

Assumption with my buddies. The hit Alan K 

took against Lincoln Sudbury. Hey Josh: I wish 

I could have been there I heard Oatsie got a 


Ann Marie Robertson 

21 Cedar Circle 

Birthdate: January 19, 1975 

Favorite Song: More Than Words 

Soccer 9, 10, Capt. 12, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 

12, Track 9, 11, Softball 10, National Honor 

Society 10, 11, 12, Bobo's class was the best. 

The best chemistry lab partners Pyro and 

Klutz. What is a Ho-Ho? hamburgers and hot 

dogs. Can I just say one thing there is always 

major upset. Don't forget the trash can at CF 

and the bottle at HRC, Come on Now! do you 

wanna go out for lunch or do you wanna stay? 

I am scared to sit at the edge of the table. 

Girl's soccer team's perfect score! 





Karla Xiomara Rodriguez 
4 Bonnie Lane 
Blrthdate: June 1, 1975 
■M Favorite Song: Stir It Up by Bob Marley 
Wjtudent of the Month 11, 12, Chorus 9, Teen 
M>rum 11. Crystal don't forget reservation for 
"('the pendejos" Denisse: thanks for listening 
fe jo my problems. Nicole what is up with the 
." iiritto man? Sherry what can't I say to you? 

Christine Rovcroft 
248 High Street 
Birthdate: January 20, 1975 
Favorite Song: Black 
wimming 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12, Softball 9, 10, 
11, 12, Winter Track 11, Cross Country 9. 
i.ashie Singlets; the strap. Amanda who is in 
ie middle? Instant coffee before biology mid 
rms. My summer present Metallica and Guns 
thanks sweets. French partners forever me 
and Quash. Chemistry: paper towels in 
Richelle's pocketbook! 

David Michael Rosenthal 

18 Mollis Street 

Blrthdate: December 20, 1975 

Favorite Song: Show Me the Way 

Chorus 11, 12, Show Choir 10, 11, 12, District 

11, 12, Project Rise 11, 12, SADD 9, 10. To 
Stacie thanks for everything I love you. James 

Kerry Jazz new sicks Jazz karaoke forever. 
Marie I don't want another bite. Jill love from 
your little brother. Josh what time do you get 

out of work? Richelle OH MY GOD it is 

spotless. To all my friends best of luck 1 love 

you guys. 

Corey L. Sanders 

125 Pond Street, Weymouth 

Birthdate: November 13, 1975 

French Club 9, 10, Gymnastics 9, 10, Football 

Cheering 11, 12, Basketball Cheering 11, 12, 

Hockey Cheerleading 12, Powder Puff 12. The 

semi-formais; junior prom; senior prom; the 

awesome rallies; powder puff etc ... To the 

class of 1993 Good luck! 

Laurie Sanders 

43 Jones Avenue 

Birthdate: July 3, 1975 

Favorite Song: End of the Road 

Jasketball 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12, Soccer 9, 10, 

11, Capt. 12, Softball 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12, 

itudent of the Month 9, 10, Powder Puff 12. 

Crystal Shabba #33 Never forget the video 

ore or great times running the ball together. 

hanks for everything, Love Ya Buddy! Julie 

never forget the BU train getaway or JM 

inglasses, thanks love ya kid. Soccer Team; 

ever forget our 1-1 tie against DY. Where's 

Gumby? Watch out for birds in a barrel, 

Sharon. Red Sox Game with Crystal, Ann 

Cerry and Joe thanks guys good luck to the 

class of 1993 


Joshua Sandler 

22 Marion Street 

Birthdate: February 3, 1975 

Favorite Song: What A Wonderful World 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 12, 

Randy Award Winner 10, Wrestling 9. Many 

thanks to Jim Shevlin, Scott Sherman and 

John Weinberg. Thanks to Attorney Jim 

Joyce. Soy Una Muneca. 1 owe my life to Tom 

Goldman. Thanksgiving Mudbowl at Hingham 


Brett Schwartz 
20 Skyview Road 
Blrthdate: July 16, 1975 
. Favorite Song: Knocking on Heavens Door 
rategy Games Club 9. Steve Carey: It is okay 
> cry. Julie Silverman: Alright!! Leland Elliot: 
! leave you the backend of my car . . . Scott 
[Coven: Get any unusual calls from any girls 
itely?? Marni Couture: I am your SAV. Doug 
.iberman: Bang Bang your dead. Jeff Nilsen: 
I Oh well we were almost the BREAKFAST 

■ ■ ■■ 


■ ap^t^St ^C*°"*tea* rf 5Pr Mj 

,WFW - M 

\W^*\ ft 

mJ-.ML m 

Nadine Seenath 


Kerrt-Anne Selman 

Marie Shannon 

Eric Sherman 

7 Bayberry Lane 

Btrthdate: June 2, 1975 

Favorite Song: Dreams 

Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12, Winter Track 9, 

10, 11, Spring Track 9, 10, 11, Academic Bowl 

11, Capt. 12. Elite Clan you talk the talk but 

do you walk the walk? Goldman we know the 

real story. I hope you feel better Jen. Emily, 

Daddy won't be there in college . . . Tea Party 

lives Forever. Hi I'm Art Mullaney. Cohen how 

much to San Francisco? 

Scott Sherman 

5 Skyview Road 

Btrthdate: June 11, 1975 

Favorite Song: The Han I Used To Be 

Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, Hon. 

Roll 9, 10, 11. This goes out to Oats the Big 

Mac Legend. Here's to Shvez Peter and the 

rest of the posse. I would like to thank 

Weinberg Sandler and Jim Shevlin. Here's t 

Petewilly and the hip-hop sallachu. Shvez is 

the key to success. There is always time to n 

for the border. My walk up the stairway to 

heaven led me to a blazing inferno. 

Ambition: to ride my horse "missle twister" 1 

a victory in the Kentucky Derby. 

Angela Shing 

Michael Shoenig 

4 Michael Road 

Btrthdate: August 26, 1975 

Favorite Song: Alive by Pearl Jam 

Soccer 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12, Wrestling 10, 

Winter Track 9, Spring Track 9, Student of tb 

Month 10. Elite Clan friends forever. To 

Randolph JR/SR High School: See Ya! Six 

Flags, Tidal Waves, and Ohaleyar. Paul 

Chirichiello. the mountie. Llppa, where are 

you? And Rob Gale said "Oh and where do 

these books go?" 

Julie Silverman 

9 Birchwood Road 

Btrthdate: April 5, 1975 

Favorite Song: Where You Take Me. 

Student of the Month 10, Business Club 9, 10, 

Student Alliance Against Racism 12, SADD 

12. Nicole D. yes we are going to the North 

End to get a good cookie. Brett let me use 

your car phone? Marni I will remember all the 

times in the Couture Cavalier. Melissa the one 

who took the notes off the jeep. Marni we 

have had some great times. I wish they could 

last forever. Steve C have you called Betty 

lately? Marni and Nicole I read tea bags. 

Chandra Singh 

43 West Street Apt. 30 

Birthdate: July 30, 1975 

Favorite Song: Flex 

International Club 9, 10, Teen Forum 11, 12, 

Library Media Aide 12. Nadine — Big Up! 

remember cousins make dozens. Karen bostoi 

is the place. Dipti Go on Girl, and keep in 

touch. Delisha remembering the good times 

"best friend" B-Nice You Go Boy' Peace to al 

of my friends, especially my boy. 




Devin Singh 
42 West Street 
Blrthdate: Hay 16, 1976 
Favorite Song: The Way You Make He Feel 
lonor Roll 9, 10, Student of the Month 9, 10, 
rategic Games Club 9. To Chris Tompkins: I 
ave campaign funds. To Jonathan Weinberg: 
ilive my admiration and a bag of chips. I give 
, Joshua Sandler an overhead projector. To 
ang Hoang: I bestow a locksmith. To Angela 
Shing: I leave a calculator. Jen Violante 
receives a permanent guidance counselor. 
Weasel and Huskrat will not be defeated. 

Jodi Slobodkin 

366 Chestnut West 

Blrthdate: February 10, 1975 

Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, French Club 9, 10, 11, 

12, Drama Club 12, National Honor Society 10, 

11, 12, SADD 9, 10, 11, 12. To Jen Larkin I 

leave another Quantum Leap. To Aimee 

Nasanofsky I leave a quest. To Amy Izzo i 

leave an un mensaje espanol (a Spanish 

message) To Angela Lin I leave a Dear Abby 

column. To John Weinberg I leave a lifetime of 

laughter. To Jess Haibor I leave you on your 


Alison Smith 
59 Fredrickson Drive 
Blrthdate: August 30, 1975 
Favorite Song: Faithfully 
Business Club 9, 10, SADD 12, Softball 10, 
t {Powder Puff 12. To Stephanie Snyder let's 
I |ay off route 24 to Taunton Hall in the snow. 
,i Bernadette Gordon Bernie I love your nose. 
o Jodi Green no more bad luck at the malls. 
t ■> Angela Shing How is Oliver C? Jodi thanks 
for being there. To Stephanie Sndyer 
smember our little trips to Pembroke, little 
girl chats. 

Robert "Rocky" Smith 

123 Sesame Street 

Blrthdate: June 25, 1975 

Favorite Song: Hallowed Be Thy Name 

Crawford Square Posse '92 Please don't burn 

the Johnson. Yes! You are correct sir. Nipsy 

Russel is in my house. Hi killer. See Ya! 

Michael Snyder 

130 Bittersweet Lane 

Blrthdate: December 16, 1975 

Favorite Song: Paradise City 

Football 9, BasketbaU 9, Golf 9, 10, 11, 12, 

aptain. Tutor 9, 10, 11, 12, Mediation Team 

, 12. To everyone graduation is upon us, and 

it is about time! 

Stephanie Snyder 

Thomas D. Spiro, Jr. 
2 Eddy Street 
Birthdate: December 30, 1974 
Favorite Song: Layla 
otball 9, 10, 11, Captain 12, WATD Player of 
te Week ALL STAR All Scholastic, Baseball 
, 11, Captain 12, Track 9, 10, 11, Captain 12, 

Freshman Athlete of the Year, Student 
iediation. Physical Education Randy Award 
', 11, Yearbook Staff 12. Thanks to Pete and 
he other faithful Peters. To Mr. Jones I feel 
r you and the Suba. At this point, I may have 
ind the key. To Rocky Balboa thanks pal. To 
! girl, I am the champ the 13th patience Can 
; have those? The gun Nuke em' Around the 
lock Belli, gurgle Ren and Stimpy are good 
. dancers. Ha Ha Hey boys remember the 
iudslide on Thanksgiving 1992 A game I will 
never forget. Ambition: To own my own 

Robert Sprague 

1424 Central Street 

Birthdate: February 6, 1975 

Student of the Month 10, Yearbook Staff 12. 

To Al Mark Dan and Nick I had a great time at 

Seally. let's do it again sometime. To Al Mike 

Josh Dan Hark Russ Jim remember under the 

bridge. To Nick remember "Rambo" To Dave 

Slosby and his rug. I would like to thank 

TURBO for all his wonderful advice. 



Ji/7 Staaf 

21 Cummings Circle 

Birthdate: March 19, 1975 

Favorite Song: Free Your Mind 

Honor Roll 11, 12, Student of the Month 10. 

Gym class 11th grade in the locker room. 

Sherr hun's 12356 period 11th grade. OH 

DEAR GOD NO. Jen do you like kittys? Good 

luck to the senior class. Marie ah she doesn't 

know any Nicole. Holly want some Jabba? 

James Stephens 

Jay Stevens 

Christopher P. Tompkins 
94 South Street 
Birthdate: February 19, 1975 
Favorite Song: Imagine 
Student Alliance Against Racism, Student 
Advisor Board, National Honor Society 
Treasurer 12, Harvard Model Congress 11, 1 
Student Council 11, 12, Academic Bowl 11, 1 
Cecil is a caterpillar and Cecil is my friend 
the last time I saw Cecil . . ."There is no sui 
thing as darkness only a failure to see." "D 
you pronounce that Chandra?" "Sit down ai 
Shut up!" "You must have the correct dres 
. . . correct shoes . . . correct hair bonnet!" 
"Two roads diverged into a yellow wood am 
chose the one less traveled and that has ma 
all the difference." 

Krister) Topham 

20 Cedar Circle 

Birthdate: April 1, 1975 

Favorite Song: Always 

Class Treasurer 11, 12, Student Council 10, 11, 

12, Spring Track 9, 10, Gymnastics 9, 10, 

Captain 11, 12, Color Guard 9, 10, 11. Hey 

Barry I have a question. Are you hungry? Doug 

watch for flying feet when you are on a 
recliner! Mike and Brian Guess what? Chicken 
Butt! Smile! Ang Cathy Christine and Lianne is 

anyone going up? Sure. The Elite Clan you 
guys are the greatest. Hi get over it. The Crew 

how about those trips to Town Spa? (Doug 
watch for cars) Everyone in the class of 1993 
Good luck in future endeavors, keep in touch. 

Mathew Trager 

8 Blakely Circle 

Birthdate: July 31, 1975 

Favorite Song: Bad to the Bone 

Student of the Month 10. 

Christine Vasta 

3 Amvets Lane 

Birthdate: February 6, 1974 

Favorite Song: Come and Talk to Me 

Color Guard 10, 11, 12, Community Service 10, 

11, 12, Student Alliance Against Racism 12, 

SADD 9, 10, Select Chorus 10, 11, 12. Dave 

will you get your nails cut? Ho my god! 

Kristen you're the guy from the see and say. 

James Lavender sachet. Stacie must you pack 

at 1:00 in the morning? Kathy forever 

Sheneneh! Melissa thank you for always being 

there for me. You are a great friend Good luck 

next year. 

Gregory Vincent 



Jennifer Violante 

Jonathan H. Weinberg 

18 Katy Circle 

Blrthdate: November 26, 1975 

Favorite Song: The Gambler 

Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Yearbook 11, 12, 

Newspaper 11, 12, Community Service 11, 

Honor Roll 10, 11, Student of the Month 10, 

Perfect Attendance 9, 10, 11, 12. 

Jennifer Nicole White 

28 Michael Road 

Birthdate: December 9, 1975 

Favorite Song: Never Say Good-Bye 

powder Puff 12, Honor Roll 10. 1991 Daytona 

'arpigs: Gina Jill Melissa Jen. Snyder you still 

with the wind? To Jill and Finn (blacklung) 

who is in disguise as a cop? GIBBS! Kerri 

here is no fire at Hassan's house put the hose 

i down. Maka get the turkeys out from under 

the hood, step off yo. To Mark Bolster: 48 

oils on your house . . . Dan Al Mike where did 

the TENT sign go? 

Donna Wong 

37 McAuliffe Road 

Birthdate: July 14, 1974 

Favorite Song: Endless Love 

Student of the Month 9, 10, International Club 

9, 10, Secretary 11, Community Service 10, 11, 

12, Yearbook 12, English Randy Award Winner 


Ambition: to be a successful television 


Clifton Woodard 

Christy Wright 

23 Charlotte Lane 

Blrthdate: June 6, 1975 

Favorite Song: Real Love 

Business Club 9, 10, Nominee for Randy 11. To 

my best friends, thank you for being there for 

me through the best and worse times. Robin, 

never forget the good times together, 

especially the GROUP and the awesome times 

at Hampton. Best Friends Forever. Cheryl to 

all the fun times we shared when is the next 

all-nighter? Best Friends Forever. Jen thanks 

for being there, stop whispering! Julie the 

summer of '92 your buddy for life. 

Danielle Nicole Wuschke 

23A Lewis Drive 

Birthdate: March 26, 1975 

Favorite Song: Over Oceans (the story) 

Student Council 9, 10, VP 11, Pres. 12, 

SEMASC 12, Harvard Model Congress 11, 12, 

Academic Bowl 11, 12, Gymnastics 9, 10, 
:apt. 11, JV Cheerleading 11, Capt. 12. Karen 
jine from every town in the state, the crasher, 
> never enough trouble. Best Friends Forever! 
What color do you have on today? Chemistry 
( Lab. TWO THUMBS UP!! Gimme five Sue. 
"KMC 92+93 The Skinny, that is Just not right. 
The Key Year '68 Rebecca, so we are normal 
' thanks for the talks. Josh it wouldn't have 
jeen the same without you, I love you, Thank 
you for the memories! 

Jason Silverman 

10 Holly Lane 

Birthdate: September 30, 1975 

Favorite Song: Any Journey Song 

Tidley Winks Fan Club Varsity 9, Capt. 10, 11, 

12, Mark Grundig Fan Club 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12. 

Keith Duff Brett Pete Creepshow Mary still 

kickin . . . The GOOD LIFE limo ride with 

Keith after Junior Prom. Studying all night for 

finals with Keith and Dan and getting nothing 

done. Sophomore night performing in front of 

all my friends. You guys are the best. Thanks 

Ann I will miss you. Dad, Eric, Eileen, Harvey, 

Auntie Ellie, Uncle Paul, Beth, Lynne, and 

Dave I love you all. This one is for you ma! 


Gabriel 1c S. Doran 

15 Overlook Road, Avon 

Birthdate: March 16, 1975 

Reeve J. Graves 

Joseph Fornaro 


Clinton Charles Sparks 

Eric P. Thorne 


Ricardo Abelard 
Robert Atkins 
Dirk Brown 
Eric Brown 
Steven Carey 
Nancy Cheung 
Hassan Christmas 
Lai-Ping Chu 
Scott Coxall 
Nicole Daniel 
Alicia Delvecchio 
Rosanna Desena 
Edson Dias 
Thomas Donahue 
Kerri Exell 
Byron Flores 
Hingchung Fung 
Susan Galvao 
Paul Graziano 
Andreana Hayward 

Maurice Johnson 

Scott Knapp 

Barry Kneller 

Rachel Levy 

Lucia Maxwell 

Edward Mitchell 

Richard Mollinedo 

Dawn Morrow 

Winnie Mui 

Catherine Naphen 

Duane John Newcomb 


Jared Pickering 

Natasha Ranee 

Emily Remillard 

Christopher Rich 

Kate Ringer 

Marcelino Rodriguez 

Thomas Sheil 

Kenny Wong Joseph Harte 






Jennifer Chin 

Kelly Hall 

Donna Wong 

Jodi Green 

Tricia Crowley 

Jodi Peppe 



Where's the party? 



j 1 




1 1 

j ' 





: 4 


df 1 



How low can you 90? 

Which one should I dance Smile, so we can get this over 
with next? with! 

She said what? Really? I can't believe it? 



Well, take the picture already! 

You know, I'm gonna take a doggie bag home! 

Could you please pick up the pace! 

Sexy ladies! 


You go girl!!! 

OOOH! What's everyone looking at? 

Let's blow this joint, honey! 

Back off, Alan is my man! 

Martini on the rocks, please! 

Come on! 



Where's my date? 

I told you there would be grub here! 



Freak Week — Another Tradition at R.H.S.! 


V. ' V.« /> • 

:•: ';"•/' 7 '> 




..... .. ** vVvt • •• r. •-• 

* > .'• 














'' 72 


v, 1 1 

The Freaks Come Out at Night 






1" 74 

The wonderful "Varsity" pyramid 

Chaka Khan took this picture 

■ i-jr m 



^^^3iHlHfc 1 -■■I 

tmM^ '~ fm 

K ^Bl 

iKk~ 2 sa 

L — jm 

■fa? <^M 

HwfvB IS 

BBf iii8Bi 



^Hfc. '-^.v'^'-- 


Back Row: Lauren Bial, Gina Belxnonte, Capt. Lindsay Gibson, Leah Zambernardi. Front 
Row: Jill Pokaski, Stephanie Gluck, Jenny P., Corey Sanders. 

Girls ... I will beat you with this 
spirit stick! 

Gina and Melissa "Belly Flabs Forever' 

ichelle, Amanda wants to get in on your scheme. 

Who needs make-up when you have natural beauty like us. 

Hey . . . how is the view? 

Basketball Cheerleaders 1991 

Back Row: Jill Pokaski, Stephanie Gluck, Jenny Perfetuo, Lindsay Gibson, Lauren Bali, 
Lis Roos. Kneeling: Erin Mulligan, Capt. Amanda Dorr, Corey Sanders, Co-Capt., Gina 
Belmonte, Leah Zambemardi. 

Thanks, for an unforgettable memory, Love Gina, Melissa, Amanda, and Richelle! 

They made it through the season with fights! 








Team: Sitting: Joe Cohen, Eli Molis, Scott Knapp, Ricardo Abelard, Dan Cherenson, Mark Bolster, Tom Spiro, Nick 
Apazidis, Alan Kronmiller, Josh Sandler, Mike Roberts, Derek Oats, Rob Gale, Coach Perkins. Middle Row: Coach 
Sullivan, Coach Wells, Elija Perkins, Scott Stryer, Abdul Kabba, John Plouffe, Rudy Guillaume, Bob Barbosa, Chris 
Carbone, Kevin Donnely, Corey Skolnick, Mike Clapp, Isaac Asimov, John Saras, Greg McKormick, James Decourcey, 
Joe Escobar, Ariel Tunon, Ben Miller, Coach Kaplan, Coach Brennan. Top Row: Chris Hayes, Jamey Conley, Sean 
Bennet, Tom Grundig, Tony Bologna, Mark Donahue, Mike Judge, Darren Kiel, Bill Mosher, Dan Ton, Fab Estrella, 
Brian Sullivan, Greg Mazares, Dan Morse, Kevin Bolster, Pete Mateo, Don Pohl, Kevin Crowley. 

A.K. on the attack! 

Sandler chops another one down. 

A Gale is a Gust of Wind! 

a 76 

The Devils regroup to plan the next attack. 

Oklahoma Oatsy — getting down in the trench 



Captain Apazidis in hot pursuit! 

Eli practices ninjitsul 

Spiro hauls one in and heads for daylight. 

The Young Guns with another victim. 

Excuse me while I sack your quarterback! 

1992 Blue Devils Football 

The Blue Devils started off the 1992 season with three straight victories including an exciting defeat of division II 
powerhouse Lincoln-Sudbury. After losing two heartbreakers, Randolph hosted Marshfield, who was undefeated at that 
point. It was no contest. Devils won 28-0, sweet revenge from last year. At 6-3, the Devils traveled to Hingham on 
Thanksgiving. The Seniors were pumped up for this "mud bowl" and performed brilliantly in their last game winning 19- 
6. The 1992 BLUE DEVILS FOOTBALL TEAM will be one to remember! 



Swim To Win 



The girl's swim team had a winning season this year. They placed third in the Pilgrim Conference 
League. Many swimmers qualified for the South Sectionals Championship and for the State Championship. 
Many young swimmers remain on the team which should ensure promising seasons in the future. 

I can do a handstand on the water! 



Rule the Pool 

Anyone up for Patty-Cake? 

If you think we'll win a meet, clap your handsl 


4 4 


9 9 





Top: Jessica Krivelow, Alix Tilanun, Ruth Goncalves, Kyla Perfetuo, Diane Hines, Jenna O'Connell, 
coach — Lisa Bennett. Middle: Lindsay Diauto, Kristen Capasso, Angela Shaponice, Shauna Cal- 
lahan. Bottom: Emily Kachinsky, CAPTAIN — Karen Waite, CAPTAIN — Kristin Topham. 

Team Captains — (SR.) Kristin Topham, (JR.) Karen Waite. Seniors — Kristin Topham, Emily 


'And behind door number one . . .' 

ju«* ^ 


'Come on girls, stretch, bend those knees!" 

"You go girl! 



'So, Doug, you want to join the team?" 

"O.K., so now you want me to turn, 

'Karen, I just don't believe it, Do You?" 


"I hope I make it through this one!" 

I have 30 seconds left, I just can't take this!" 





Team Picture: Top Row: Ricky Ng, Bobby Richardson, Brian Orkiola, Mike Letzring, Jason Wahler, 
Josh Siegal, Adam Cohn, James Bryan, Ike Stewart, Dan Rosen, Ramon Rodriguez, Steve Keefe, 
Andy Wilkins, Jimmy Phillips, and Coach Fred Forni. Bottom Row: Lee Su, 'Rich Chang, 'Mike 
Shoenig, 'Paul Chirichiello, 'Jonathan Weinberg, and Jason Williams. 'Senior Captains. 

Senior Paul Chirichiello looks for the open Senior Mike Shoenig takes a swipe at the Senior Jonathan Weinberg chasing the ball 
___ ball. downfield. 


Sophomore Goalie James Bryan Junior Lee Su passes the ball up to a 
pounces on the ball. teammate. 


Coach Forni watches the action on the field. Sophomore Mike Letzring battles in the air for the ball. 

Junior Jason Williams anticipates a pass as he runs into 

Junior Ike Stewart going after his man with Blue DevilOnly in 8th grade, Jimmy Phillips plays like he is in 
intensity. High School. 

The Randolph Blue Devil Soccer 
Team had a tough season in 1992. We 
played with a lot of heart but could not 
come up with a win. Many of last year's 
starters were lost to graduation which 
made for a struggling season. Grad- 
uating Seniors Jonathan Weinberg, 
Rich Chang, Mike Shoenig, and Paul 
Chirichiello helped to make a hard sea- 
son a little lighter. 

he bench plays an instrumental part of any good team. The Blue Devil Bench watches the 
ction intensely. 









Team: A. Gates, M. Germain, K. Levine, B. Maccini, T. Goldman, E. Sherman, D. Berardi, C. Kung, S. 
Robson, B. Manning. Second Row, L to R: P. Fruzzetti, M. DiBenedetto, T. Geary, J. Burke, T. Trull, M. 
Hazell, D. McGuire, R. Parke, J. Kravetz, B. Darcy, S. Spellman, C. Lewis, A. Mathis, G. Brown, M. 
Condon, M. Pantazelos, Coach Powell. 

Tom, the one-legged captain. 

Wow! This hurts. 


I can't believe I haven't hurled yet! 

Am I done yet? 



It's a bird, it's a plane 

I should have joined the chess team 

Tim Trull — future world champion. 

Where did everybody go? 

Now, where's that shortcut? 

I think I can ... I think I can . . . 









••;• ■ ^ PHffil r>B 


jflk ''■ 




Do you think Sablone is confused? 

Famous saying from Coach Weiand; Oooo, so 

I wonder if I can shoot this way? 

Alright, I wait till it hits the ground 
then I kick it. 

Keep on moving; don't stop. 

Memories of the Girl's Soccer Team that we won't forget: 

— the thrill of scoring 

— Dennis and his famous candies 

— the famous bus rider 

— the best bus driver, Earl 

— putting up the nets 

— going to McDonald's and playing with the balls 

— D-y coach getting hit 

— Chantel and Monica episodes 

— playing indoors with no shoes 

— Free refills 

— Sera Lee Wood if she could but she can't so she won't 

— when buses never show up 

— Football on the bus 

Thanks Coach Weiand and Coach Cutler for an awesome season! 

What a leg! 

THE GIRL'S SOCCER TEAM Finally Broke the Record This Year! 

"You Go, Girl!" 

Team: Kneeling: Christine Mughrin, (captain) Laurie Sanders, (captain) Marie Shannon, 
(captain) Ann Robertson, Dipti Patel. Standing: (coach) Ed Weiand, Janine Wushke, 
Megan Sullivan, Beth McBratney, Kim Mullen, Liz Cambell, Erika Sablone, Jessica 
Nankin, Jen Leslie, Allison McBratney. 

Come and get it; I Dare You! 

No, Ann, you are supposed to go after the ball not 
the girl! 

Wushke with the jab! 

Is it over; I'm bored! 

Here comes speedy! 










Coach J. Hurley, C. Chaneco, C. Lewis, C. Irish, A. Connor, D. Levy, J. Stone, J. Munroe, C. 
Hunter, J. Hunter, S. Fruzzetti 

Don't you dare pass me, Debby. 

Hi, there! 

Am I almost there yet? 

Left, right, left! 

How did I get myself into this mess? 

This isn't as easy as it looks. 

I I 

Did you say two more miles? 

Follow the leader. 

Coach J. Hurley, Captain S. Fruzzetti, Coach G. Powell, Captain T. Goldman, Captain 
B. Maccini 







Sitting: Seniors: T. Donahue, C. Richards — capt., K. Pokonicki — capt., R. Abelard — capt., M. 
Goodfingcr. Standing: Sophomores: D. Morse, G. McLaughlin, M. Judge, M. Salvi, P. Montes, B. Miller, P. 
Mateo, head coach Ron Wilkes. 

Captains Richards, Abelardi and Pokornicki with coach Wilkes. 

Captain Ric getting pregame instructions. 

Keith and his infamous Tarzan yell. 

Pokornicki powering up for 2. 

Greg, brush your teeth. 


•The Future" 

Superman flying into action 

Pokornicki getting ready to shoot two. 

Team Unity 

The 1992-93 Randolph High School boy's basketball team saw 7 
sophomores and 5 seniors have their own separate teams. As the 
season progressed, the two teams combined as one and got on to a 
pretty good season. A lot of people do not give underclassmen a lot of 
credit or respect. However, thank you, Sophomores for giving us 
seniors the best season ever. Good luck the next two years! Special 
thanks to coach Wilkes for Four great years. 






(. <• 


Team: 1st Row, Front: Mike Kaidel, Maurice Johnson, capt. Keith Doherty, capt. Doug Liberman, 
capt. Nick Apazidis, Mike Roberts, Eli Molis. 2nd Row From Bottom: Asst. Coach Brian Mills, Kevin 
Bolster, Dan Rosen, Ariel Tunon, David Hyman, Eric Sanders, Alex Apazidis, Antoine Pierre, Coach 
Jim Maher. 3rd Bottom: Jason Areneaud, Andrew Tompham, Ryan Roberts, Andrew Wilkins, Jason 
Kravitz, Mike Burke, Danny Lind, Ahmed Ahmed, Lee Su. 4th Row Top: Nick Pugsly, Coanon Roth, 
Scott Hamilton, Mike Rogan, Ryan Polin. 

Who's eye is that? 

92-93 captains 

'Time for a little nap" 

How's that knee taste?" 

Just can't hide the devil inside 

Blue Devils 

'That's right, I'm the man 

Half Nelson, Half Animal! 

I love trainers' 

Senior wrestlers 

'Is he dead?" 

The season the Randolph Wrestling Program was filled with some hard 
times and disappointment. But through it all, the Blue Devils managed to 
stick together and remain as a team. After having to forfeit the league title 
the team came back to place 8 out of the 12 men in the South Sectionals. 

This is Coach Jim Maher's last season with the Randolph Wrestling 
program and the team would like to thank him for his dedication and 
contributions throughout the years. 

119, 125, and 130 








(Team) Standing: Coach Peterson, Jackie Waller, Jessica Nankin, Amy Conners, Jen Leslie, Haley 
Hamlin, Crystal Dean, Stacey Irwin. Kneeling: Nancy Chung, Jen Violante, Laurie Sanders, 
AnnMarie Robertson, Janine Wuschke. 

How's about the Town Spa Friday night? 

The Best 

That would be me! 

Yah! I'd like to see Pete do "this"! 

I think I can; I think I can! 


18-0 (18 injuries, wins) 


^■^B -■WW* 

' 1 



^Kr H 


~~^f m \T '21 



m *■ 

JL. ..^«^'lBk 

Girls CAN Jump! 

It's, it's Superman! 

Nooo, Red don't do that any more!! 

What ever! 


Never forget: Janines Fred Roll. The bunnage thing. Basketball and 
Railroad tracks don't mix. Amy? Amy who? Maybe, it's Monday. Barry's 
wearing the seat belt tonight. Your daddy is calling you. Our only true fan. 
good luck, next year: Lady 



and Wuschk 

Excuse me, I'd like to get by now! 

4 4 




(Team) Standing: Coach Yandle, Anthony Phinney, Jim Degrechie, Brian O'Leary, Matt Wood, Vasilios Hatzimanolis, 
Tony McGaughey, Rob O'Neil, Steve Campbell, Tony Cugini, Andy Wood, Coach McNeil. Kneeling: Dan Clapp, Jamie 
Conley, Todd Sawyer, Rich Stoller, Scott Robson, Trever Ranee, Tony Degrechie, Brian Plizga. 

I found it; I found it! 

Devils on three. 

I got my eye on you. 

The Marlboro man! 

I'm your dealer. 

<t aV'.Vju 


A Year of Improvement 


Dickie, Dickie. 

What did they score again? 


He shoots; he scores 

Please don't hurt me. 

Although the Blue Devil Hockey Team had a tough season as far as wins 
and losses. They had many positive things come out of this season. With no 
senior on the team, the Blue Devils have a lot of promise for next year. 
Coach Yandle did an excellent job of improving the team game after game. 
The Team experienced many "Growing Pains" but were able to keep their 
heads held high. Although they received many laughs this year, they will 
laugh the hardest next year. 








Team: Row 1, Seated: B. Sullivan, A. Gates, J. Cohen, M. Kaidel, R. Charnitsky, T. Goldman, M. Clapp, J. Plouffe, A. Kabba. Row 
2, Kneeling: G. Stryer, J. Siegal, C. Wong, C. Lewis, R. Ng, D. Prag, P. Fruzzetti, B. Charnitsky, M. King, R. Johns, T. Trull, i. 
DeCourcey , G. McCormick, C. Carbone, M. Germain, T. Cronin, R. Oates. Row 3, Standing: Coach Powell, W. Zaiter, R. Patel, M. 
Bass, A. Mushlin, D. Cohne, C. Spadea, M. Letzring, W. Darcy, S. Spellman, S. Constable, G. Brown, B. Kuroul, R. Putel, K. 
Troung, ML Hunt, D. McAnire, K. Purtosan, J. Stone, F. Ellis, J. Hill, G. Chow, J. Burke, Asst. Coach Richardson, Coach Sullivan. 

T. Goldman "Whew, I hope I counted the laps right." 

J. DeCourcey "Well the first hurdle wasn't too bad only 4 more to go." 

"Seniors and Coaches" 

M. Kaidel, Coach Powell, T. Goldman, R. Churnitsky, J. Cohen, Asst. Coach Richardson, Coach Sullivan. 






HI ' 9 

1 "t/'f jjUM 

1 I 

^B '. ■ ' 

' * »*• 

H 1 


'^^^F T ' 

H^ ^^B^r^ nVf ^\iw 



• ' ik 


w Trw ( t 

* ; !" IS 




"•'• J|k.Y 

W | 

^j^JKPh JBt |jL 


LV?J A* 


M "ml \ JL .- 



I 1 

I vl/ (1 


^HK'U'i i 



|^* v ^|| 

|^*%H f #^| 

pWt]^' ' 

; j 

^^k^^^^^^K «k >JF iHi 

RillL J 

H ;**v "■'j 

Team: Row 1: J. Menezes, S. Powell, A. Reid, S. Fruzzetti, W. Chan, D. Patel, K. Mullen, M. Sullivan, R. 
Francious, K. Soule, C. Huntei. Row 2: Coach Sullivan, L. Trull, T. Foster, D. Gomes, A. Knight, J. Hunter, C. 
Peterson, J. Stone, D. Norton, M. McRae, H. Morse, K. Sullivan, C. Louis, M. Sesay, U. Greenaway, D. Levy, S. 
Irish, Coach Powell. 










Top Row: Seigal, Josh; Berryman, Matt; Clapp, Mike; Hoffenburg, Dan; Morse, Dan; Donnelly, Kevin; coach Norm 
Wells. Bottom Row: Conley, Jamey; Greenstein, Brad; Oats, Derek; Spiro, Tom; Goodfinger, Matt; Ton, Dan. 

Quick, take the picture. 

Only 4 seniors, but a whole lot of class. 

Spiro comes up chucking. 

Oh God, that one would have been 
out of Fenway! 

Little Morsie throwing heat. 

Jim Russo, Dan McGuire, Coach Peterson, Jason Wahler, Captain Michael Snyder, Ryan Nager, Eric Gillin, Asst. 
Coach Turner, Brian Dailey 


It's in the hole! 

How did I miss that? 

Did you see where it went? 

What is he doing behind the tree? 

Why am I concentrating? I already won!! 


Tennis team rebuilds for the 93-94 season, 

Voltaire Ojestro, Bryan Orquiola, Buddy Gass, John Long, Andrew Mushlin, Coach Morriss Brite, Tim 
Trull, Eric Gotlieb, Ken Richmond, Scott King, Mike Cincotti, Mark Bass. 


Senior All-Star Captain Scott King — "the ball 
is my friend." 

Captain Eric Gotlieb prepares for a 
fierce backhand return. 

Talented Senior Captain Ken Richmond uses a rack- 
et and his mouth. 

After losing four seniors, the tennis team did a lot of re- 
building this year. The lineup changed seven times. Scott King 
had a great year at number 1 singles. He was an A.C.L. AH Star 
this year as well as last. Bryan Orquiola, John Long, and Eric 
Gotlieb had numerous wins in singles. Senior Kenny Richmond 
ended his season with a bang by easily defeating the number 
three singles of Dennis- Yarmouth. Second doubles Tim Trull 
and Buddy Gass won all but two matches. They will be a very 
successful doubles team in the future. With five returning 
varsity players, the tennis team will be a force to be reckoned 
with next season. 


Mark Bass — "I hope the telethon raises 
enough money for me." 

We had a young team, but we still did well. 


Jeamme Healy, Amy Robson, Jaime Cunningham, Elizabeth Campbell, Kate Manning, Tammy Spiro, 
Taryn Hamlin, Jennifer Mortell, Eva Choronovas, Marie Shannon, Christine Roycraft, Laurie Sanders, 
Janine Wushke, Haley Hamlin 

Captains: Laurie Sanders and Marie Shannon 







Top: Coach Cunningham, Coach Powell, James DeCourcey, J. Plouffe, A. Gates, D. Gates, K. Kliches, C. 
Blaney, J. Lok, W. Banks, R. Oats, D. Klim, B. Sullivan, S. Meade, Coach Sullivan, Coach Green. Middle: A. 
Kaba, L. Su, C. Nodurd, J. Lovi, C. Bronski, B. Carol, T. Donahue, L. Perry, G. McCormick, C. Carbone, C. 
Slotnick. Bottom: S. Spell, R. Ng, D. Wary, D. Prick, M. Hunt, P. Fruzzetti, B. Handyman, J. Burke, B. Irwin, M. 

Coach Green, Coach Powell, W. Chan, D. Levy, M. Sullivan, C. McGuire, K. Mullen, E. Lathem, M. Sesay, V. 
Greenaway, D. Somebody, Coach Sullivan, Coach Cunningham. Middle: L. Lewis, O. Oteino, D. Morse, R. Stryer, 
J. Stone, D. Gomes, A. Hunter, T. Foster, D. Patel, S. Frue, S. Irish, I. P. Freely, J. Gebose, E. Able, N. LaMothe, 
K. Sullivan, C. Hunter, J. Menezes, L. Trull, E. Knight. 

APT— jT^EMfflHWl 

Bruce Lee-Roy. 

Heeer's Rusty. 

Colleen blows away the compe- 

Skols dancing his way to 


I am so relaxed. 

We're cool. 

I always liked hopscotch. 

They said Track would put hair on my chest. 

I can't see so good. 


















; : 


^fc iijiii 


Lilian Lamour 

Rachel Acacia 

Karen Khan 

Dipti Patel 

Liza Gancalves 

Tasha Ranee 

Stephanie Snyder 

Keri Dare 



How sweet we were! 

Keith Levine 

Nicole Daniel 

Marni Couture 

: : : 

Karen Planeta 

Tricia Collins 

Jessica Maibor 

Amy Izzo 

David Rosenthal 

Susan Blaine 



Most Humorous 
Natasha Ranee and Keith Pokonicki 

Most School Spirit 
Amanda Dorr and Doug Liberman 


Best Smile 
Derek Oates and Jill Griffin 





Best Dancer 
Clinton Sparks and Gina Belmonte 


Yes, I match my shoe w/my outfits. 

We love Vincents! 

I love you, Tom. 

Where's the model? 

I wish this photographer would leave! 

Happiness is hugging! 


%gndotph, Massachusetts 

1793 - 1993 


South-eastern view of the central part of Randolph. 

This is the first picture we have that shows what Randolph looked like long ago. It was 
drawn for a book that was published in 1839. We are standing in front of where the Town Hall 
is today, looking up North Main Street towards the Blue Hills. 

The following description accompanied the picture: 

"In the following cut, the church seen on the left is the first Congregational church. The 
first meeting-house ever erected in this town stood on this spot. The present building is the 
third which has been built. The first settlement in this town was made in the vicinity of this 
church. The principal part of the central village is situated on a street running about a mile 
northwesterly of this church, at the northern extremity of which is the Baptist church, which 
is just discernible in the distance, in the engraving. The village consists of about 100 dwelling- 
houses, with the usual number of stores and mechanic stops. This place is 14 miles from 
Boston, 11 from Dedham, and 8 from Weymouth landing. East Randolph, a flourishing village 
is about 2 miles eastward; is about two thirds the size of the central village, and contains two 
churches, 1 Congregational and 1 Baptist. There is also another Baptist church in the south 
part of this town, near the Stoughton line. The Randolph Bank is located in this town. In 1837, 
there were manufactured in this town 200,175 pairs of boots, 470,620 pairs of shoes; the value 
of boots and shoes, $944,715; males employed, 804; females, 671. Population 3,041." 




V. ■ 


Brief Chronology 

(From the Beginning of European Settlement) 

1629-1640 Great migration of settlers from England to New England (for religious freedom, to escape tyrannical 
rule of King Charles I and because of poor economic conditions at home). 



Church members of the Precinct* of Brain tree were granted a charter. This was the first instance of self 
government by the English settlers in this area. This precinct included what is now Braintree, Quincy, 
Randolph, and Holbrook. 

Braintree Precinct was officially deeded (sold) by the Native American Massachusetts Tribe to the 
settlers for twenty one (21) pounds and ten (10) shillings. Wampatuck, the Son of Chief Chicataubet, was 
raising money to buy weapons to fight the Mohawks. 


Area in South became a separate precinct. Entire area had divided into two precincts twenty (20) years 
earlier. Now area was divided into three parts: 

North Precinct — Present Day Quincy 

Middle Precinct — Present Day Braintree 

South Precinct — Present Day Randolph and Holbrook 


South precinct gathered enough votes to request permission from the State (The General Court) to 
become a separate township. 


General Court granted approval and the new township of Randolph was born on March 9th. (Believed to 
have been named after Peyton Randolph of Virginia, who was the first President of the Continental 
Congress.) First town meeting was held on April 1st. 


Population of Randolph was 1,021. 

East Randolph separated and became the township of Holbrook. 

'Precincts were established for the purpose of maintaining public worship. 



•*/7) *. 




Top, Left to Right: Maria, Michellyne Transdemar, Nicole Daniels, Andrew Kaban, Rene, Marc 
Germain, Nicole, Nancy, Fabiola. Middle, Left to Right: Shellyanne Gail, Daniel Steart, Jenifer 
Griobosse, Arethea Knight, Jackwalina Mendez, Heather, Yardley, Winne, Pawdrine, — , 
Cathy Jeanty. Bottom, Left to Right: Kalisha Cotton, Natalie Foster, Dester, Nyree, Sadrine 
Charles, — , Christine Sacia, — . 

Afro- American Club Advisors 

Top: Tammy. Bottom, Left to Right: Abdul Kabar, 
Nicole Daniels. 


International Club 

Bottom, Left to Right: Cindy Yang, Vanessa Manzanu, Tracy Pham, John Luong, Emily Huynh, 
Anna Chen, Angela Huynh, Brenda Chin, Marie Theart. Top, Left to Right: Susan Nazanofski, 
Erica Lee, Alex Poon, Peter Chin, Mrs. White, Mrs. Alexis, Muise Myrthil, Kathy Jeanty, Melina 
Woo, Michael Au-Yeung. 

International Club Officers 

Right to Left: Angela Huynh, Kathy Jeanty, Tracy Pham, Anna Chen, Emily Hunyh, John 


Randolph Asian Culture Club 



Top, Left to Right: Stephen La, Susanna Joe, Gary Chow, Ann Lan, Hans Cheung, Henry Yee, 
Alan Chin, Kin Yan, Kenny Wong, Eric Chan, Lai-Ping Chu, Angela Huynh, Jimmy Lok, Tony 
Nugyen. Middle, Left to Right: Geoff ery Harrison, Johnny Dang, William Leung, Alex Poon, 
Peter Chin, Erica Lee, Venessa Manzazo, Elly Fung, So-Wai Wong, Kristen Chan, Renee Kwok, 
Blenda Wong, Emily Huynh. Bottom, Right to Left: Micheal Chan, Kevin Wu, Jeff Lu, Joe Chan, 
Bryon Kwok, Andy Yip, Mr. Vallencourt, Mrs. Sung, Grace Chan, Christina Chow, Jennifer Ng, 
Anna Chan, Mona Joe, Nancy Cheung. 

Randolph Asian Culture Club Seniors 

Left to Right: Lai-Ping, Kin Yan, Kenny Wong, Mrs. Sung, Grace Chan, Nancy Cheung, Emily 





French Club 

Top, Left to Right: Heidi Judge, Amy Nassanosky, Hang Hoang, Susan Nasanosky, Jessica 
Feldman, Amy Izzo. Bottom, Left to Right: Andy Mushlin, Peter Chin. 

French Club 

French Club 

eft to Right: Andrew Mushlin, Heidi Judge, Amy Nasanofsky, Hang 

Left to Right: Hang Hoang, Heidi Judge, Amy Nasanofsky, Jessica 
Feldman, Amy Izzo. 


Top, Left to Right: Dipti Patel, Lillian Lamour, Karen Khan, Jessica McCarthy, Fredrika 
Lanyone, Kathy Jeanty, Christine Vasta. Middle, Left to Right: Sonja Rodregues, 
Shannon Lydon, Neralande Li mage, Sandrine Charles, Melissa Perry, Jennifer Larkins, 
Erica Sandler, Christine Vasta, Alison Doyle. Bottom, Left to Right: Anna Chan, Tiara 
Height, Cinthia Germain, Amy Warner, Chris Tompkins, Suzanne Nasanonfsky, Chouna 
Chaneco, Marc Germain (not shown), Vida Greenaway (not shown). 

Student Alliance Against 

Racism and Violence 


Left to Right: Tiara Height, Amy Warner, Cinthia Germain, Christopher Tompkins, 
Kathy Jeanty, Melissa Perry, Chona Chaneco, Marc Germain (not shown). 


School Store Aides 

Top, Left to Right: Nilesh Agarwalla, Tom Goldman, Karen Cassidy , Peter Chin, Brenda 
Chin, Adam Natuapsky. Middle, Left to Right: Leo Kin, Cynthia Welch, Danielle 
Goodliss. Bottom, Left to Right: Chrissy Tempesta, Jenny Mortle, Stephanie Travers, 
Debbie Nagle, Jesse Leung (not shown). 

Students Against Drunk 
Driving (S.A.D.D.) 

Top, Left to Right: Jennifer Larkin, Leo Kin, Amy Berryman, Jodi Green, Jessica Maibor. 
Bottom, Left to Right: Heidi Judge, Janie Henry, James Jackson, Kerry Fagan, Di Pti 


Community Service 

Top, Left to Right: Donna Wong, Amy Nasanofsky, David Levin, Gabrielle Doran, Hang Hoang. Bottom, Left to Right: 
Heidi Judge, Kerry Figen, Christine Vasta, Mellisa Perry, Staci Goldberg, Heather Oksman. 



Front Row: Wendy Stein, Emily Kachinsky, Danille Wuschke, Beth McBratney, Rachel 
Sherman. 2nd Row: Amy Warner, Agapi Apazidis, Kristen OTOonell, Beth Dzgowersku, Jodi 
Cole, Heather Fucile, Kristi Daley, Judy Moy. 3rd Row: Alex Apazidis, Jenny P., Stephine 
Gluck, Angela Shing, Karen Planeta, Kristen Topham, Elysa Jacobs, Jill O'Donnell, Brian 
Orquolia. 4th Row: Scott Robson, Mike Hazel, Liz Campbell, J. Stone, Coleen McGuire, 
Demetra Papas, Greg Maloney. 5th Row: Mike Clapp, Greg McCormick, Matt Cole, Raynce 
Epstein, Christine Mugherini, Andrea Perlin, Dan Clapp, Mike Letzring. 6th Row: Andy 
Wilkins, James Dacourcey, Stacy Irwin, Dan McGuire, Nicole Williams, Corelida Louis. 
Back Row: Rob Malaguiti, Sue Fruzetti, Brian Sullivan, Stephine M., Marc Germain, Tom 
Goldman, Leo Kin, Brian Macini, Chris Tompkins, Joe Cohen, Keith Levine. 

National Honor Society 

Top Row, Left to Right: Matthew Cole, Jennifer ODonnel, Wendy Stein, Andrew Wilkins, 
Angela Chiefe. Second Row, Left to Right: Liz Roos, Jill O'Donnel, Jennifer Stone, Debbie 
Levy, Stephanie Mann, Sue Fruzzetti, Tom Goldman, Billy Lowe, Leo Kin, Chris Tompkins, 
Angela Lin, Coeurlida Lewis, Chona Chaneco. Third Row, Left to Right: Colleen McGuire, 
Heather Oksman, Amy Berryman, Leanne Bleiwas, Christine Mugherine, Angela Shing, 
Amy Nasanofsky, Lori Shwartz. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Heidi Judge, Kristi Daily, Emiy 
Kachinsky, Hang Hoang, Jodi Slobodkin, Karen Planeta, Tina Cincotti, Rebecca Bogan. 

National Honor Society Seniors 

Top, Left to Right: Rebecca Bogan, Susan Fruzzeti, Thomas Goldman, Billy Lo, Leo Kin, 
Christopher Tompkins, Angela Lin. Middle, Left to Right: Heidi Judge, Heather Oksman, 
Amy Berryman, Lianne Bleiwas, Christine Mugherini, Angela Shing, Amy Nasanofsky. 
Bottom, Left to Right: Emily Kachinsky, Hang Hoang, Jodi Slobodkin, Karen Planeta, Tina 


Top, Left to Right: Jason Brennar, Tony Cugini, Jeff Levine, Paul Barra, Lany Druker, Rachel 
Boynton, Howard Rubon. Middle, Left to Right: Katie Cambell, Vivian Carter, Jason Ricardo, 
Judy Barra, Sheri Bobulis, Jodi Cole, Tia — , Mr. David Berry. Bottom, Left to Right: David 
Lamarco, Ben Sherman, Jeff Kaplan, Daniel Anderson, Adam Silva, Adam Greenstien, Heath- 
er Oksman, Ftank Showstack. 

Color Guard 

Top, Left to Right: Christine Vasta, Sharon Doran, Melissa Perry. Bottom, Left to Right: 
Heather Oksman, Stacie Goldberg, Alison Doyle, Jessica Maibor. 


Jazz Band 

1 M 


1 ffl | i 


1 _^|Fx* 

f jfj 

: .2a 



1 JS y/ 

itt4b> -jMiiiflkml 

L jH 

|P ' 

BjM^^I *'™ 

i-. ;S * ■- ^ 


1 ^ 

£ JjMfjJlJj^^l 


^^^B| r*JK3\S 

I^JM|^ Jh|kd^ 

Li J J* J 

^^^^^P ^V • *%i 



B K 

Jfl f*V* 

CCk?* -■ 

H '"^■■pvr ■ 


^^^WPs'f i^v'^S^C^ 

*7«ir ^iH ' ; !? 

^B ■ ' J*a| ^ ii 

^B . ■ .' -m- '■■■■ 'J ~SM 



Top, Right to Left: Jason Brennan, Tony Cugini, Rachel Boy n ton, Howard Ruban, Jeff Levin. 
Bottom, Right to Left: Paul Barra, Katie Cam be 11, Sheri Bobulis, Jason Richardo, Jodi Cole, 
Larry Druker, Daniel Anderson. 

Marching Band 

Top, Left to Right: Rachel Boynton, Heather Oksman, Alison Doyle, Jessica Maibor, Sharon 
Doran, Milissa Perry, Stacie Goldberg, Christrine Vasta, Lori Swartz. Middle, Left to Right: 
Katie Cambell, Jodi Cole, Jason Ricado, Jason Brennan, Jeff Levine, Tory Cugini, Sheri 
Bobulis, Judy Barra, Vivian Carter. Bottom, Left to Right: Mr. David Barry, Jeff Kaplan, Larry 
Druker, Daniel Anderson, Adam Grienstien, Angela Lin, Paul Barra. 


Library Aides 

Front Row, Left to Right: Jamie Trager, Jessica Krivelow, Melissa Hangiser, Danyelle Porter, 
Christine Graziano, Shawn Taylor. Back Row, Right to Left: Michael Harrison, Amy Izzo, 
Kristin Wehle, Adam Natanpsky, Carmen Choi. 

Newspaper Club 

Top, Left to Right: Jesse Leung, Keith Traverse, Barney Monteith, Hang Hoang. Bottom, Left 
to Right: Marc Germain, Jason Hill, Ike Stewart. 


■>:\-.- , l I ' ! U r >i#f^ 

Select Chorus 

Top, Left to Right: Christine Vasta, Jason Ricardo, Dan Anderson, James Jackson, David 
Rosenthal, Jason Brennan, Rachel Boyton. Bottom, Left to Right: Jen Larkin, Devra Lori, 
Andrea Perlin, Cathy Gentile, Christina Angeles, Gabrielle Doran, Kristeen Laut, Liz Camp- 
bell, Heather Oksman, Melissa Perry, Melissa Brown, Stacie Goldberg, Amy Berry man, Allison 

Show Choir 

Top, Left to Right: Jason Hill, Jeff Levine. Fourth Row, Left to Right: David Rosenthal, James 
Jackson, Brad Greenstien, Jason Brennan, Rachel Boynton, Coerlita Lewis. Third Row, Left to 
Right: Amy Warner, Maggie Previti, Jodi Blumenthal, Melissa Brown, Cathy Gentile, Tina 
Cincoti, Amy Berryman, Christina Angelis, Agapi Apazidis. Second Row, Left to Right: Devra 
Lori, Melissa Perry, Stacie Goldberg, Heather Oksman, Allison Doyle. Front: Faith Silverberg. 


Powder Puff 

Seniors were Victorious! 

„j ■+»;,*£.%. ~ 



Costumes reveal creativity! 


Randy Assembly 

Academic Achievement Recognized 

Class Night 

Seniors Receive Scholarship and Awards 

PTSO's Senior Barbeque 

■ i 


1993 Senior Prom 




/ r ■ 

[>-+- & 

k*t >. ' t 

i»-'\ '..*• 



;/ / " . 







v V 


' : « ■<■« 




The Photo Lab 

1 23 Hancock St. Shaw's Piaza 

S. Braintree Sq. Randolph 

848-2107 961-1156 

When all holes punched - this card is 
worth 1 free roll of film. 

Bring this card with you. 

jfft-s'' ^-thi 


(e $ twweks 



PHONE 963-2301 



Ruth Doty 


"Where comfort never goes out of style" 

(617) 963-5520 

Vkx& o(j- 4^Qi/L Design 

69 North Main St. 
Randolph. MA 02368 




Pet Shop 












15 WARREN ST. • RTE. 139 
RANDOLPH, MA 02368 (617) 9S6-PETS (73B7) 

Class of '93 



61 7 -961 1 70 

MA 2 3 6 8 



(617) 963-4160 

.77. I V 


iA/Jce E. Judge, Professional Writer 

Newsletters - Public Relations 
Marketing - Speeches - Creative Writing Classes 












Randolph Driving 

■ ' ww 



j£ ■ 

Licensed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles 
Driver's Ed. Courses 

Private Hourly Lessons 

Road Test Service 



10 Diauto Dr., Randolph • Located behind Shaw's Plaza 



; ^' . : Hf KJ££R| 

< ■ 

afOkli laHl ffiS 

i > ■ 

Serving New England 
for Three Generations. 



220 Border St., East Boston 


Since 1927 
East Boston & Winthrop 

Conference & Function Facilities 

East Boston & Randolph 

O H T C L U 


"CLASS OF 1993" 

I ^TVia / Hsnumadi Ice Cmm ; 

j ££fi* Creattverv j 

"Ice Cream Cakes and Pies for All Occasions" 

25 Memorial Parkway 
Randolph, MA 02368 

Tel. (617) 961-1345 

Jen and Dave Ingram 


Randolph Insurance Agency. Inc. 

- <fc£y r /<y*-0td 



■ Axee /# 



P. O. BOX 137 



TEL.: (617) 963-3303 


FAX: (617) 961-4124